Coloring Book for Guys: A Manly Mans Adult Coloring Book

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I’ve been looking for a coloring book for guys so my husband can start coloring with me. Check out these coloring books for adult men.

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Coloring Book for Guys: A Manly Mans Adult Coloring Book

Coloring Book for Guys

He has no interest in coloring in books with flowers, fairies, or other feminine themes. I can totally understand that. So, I’ve been searching for something a bit more masculine.

For the everyday guy who works hard and plays harder, Men’s Coloring Book has everything you need to start creating your masterpiece. From the pen and mind of Nathaniel Wake comes an all-new, beautifully crafted coloring experience created specifically for men.

Finally, with dozens of images centered on manly interest and timeless nostalgia, this book is perfect the male artist in your life.

Coloring Book for Guys

Soar through the air in a larger-than-life dogfight or careen across the country on a steam-powered locomotive. Or ride your hog with a female Cyborg all from the comfort of your own home.

With adult coloring illustrations of futuristic scenery, this no-nonsense coloring book is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of work.

For the manliest man and the young boy within, Men’s Coloring Book is the guy-friendly companion you’ve been searching for.

Coloring Book for Guys: A Manly Mans Adult Coloring Book

About the Author

With a passion for life, nature, and peaceful living, Nathaniel Wake injects his world with positive energy and brilliant color. Helping others has always been the force behind Nathaniel’s prolific writing career.

His vast library of work reaches all corners of the natural lifestyle genre. He focuses primarily on reducing stress and encouraging happy, healthy experiences.

With guides to essential oils, healthy diets, and color therapy, there’s something for everyone who wishes to make positive changes through the promotion of peace, health, and mindfulness.

Coloring Book for Guys

Dedicated to sharing his life’s experiences with others, Nathaniel’s goal is to help others reduce and avoid stressors that plague everyday life.

His recipe books aid in transforming our diets by eliminating toxins and promoting natural energy. And, his adult coloring books stimulate mindfulness and reduces stress through color therapy and decompression.

Coloring Book for Guys: A Manly Mans Adult Coloring Book

My thoughts

So, I’ve reviewed several coloring books by Nathaniel Wake, and I have been impressed with them all. I love that there is a coloring book for guys that my husband can enjoy with me.

The book includes 50 different original illustrations to color. And, each one is single sided so it’s easy to color the pages. My husband loved the range of pictures in this coloring book.

There are pirate themes, trains, airplanes, horses, cyborgs, fishing, tractors and many more! Check them out here.

Coloring Book for Guys

Coloring Book for Guys

So, if you’d like to get your husband interested in coloring, you need this coloring book for men.

Coloring Book for Guys

Check them out here.

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  1. This is very interesting now I lost my excuse of not wanting to color with my wife. we had never heard of this until now.

  2. I wonder if my husband would be interested in something like this. It would be great for him to do some coloring in it with our grandsons!

  3. Now that is pretty cool! I had no idea guy coloring books were out there! lol!

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