All Creatures Big and Small

All Creatures Big and Small

I have a serious weakness for animated programs. When I learned that All Creatures Big and Small was available FREE from Google Play, I knew I wanted a screener so I could check it out. A screener was provided for this free movie.

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All Creatures Big and Small

Dave and his son, Finny, are a cute, fuzzy species called Nestrians who live in the middle of the desert. Dave moves around a lot looking for somewhere they fit in and Finny has just settled into their latest home when he finds out they’re going to move again. This time, it’s because there is a flood coming and all the animals will drown unless they head to the ark. Once they arrive, the king of all the animals (the lion) explains that a huge flood is coming and if it weren’t for a really nice human named Noah who was building an ark, they would all die. All of the animals are welcome on the ark provided they are on the list.

All Creatures Big and Small

Of course, the Nestrians aren’t on the list. Dave and Finny pretend to be Grymps and sneak on the ark. When Finny and the youngest Grymp, Leah, are exploring, they get left behind on the scaffolding and make it to high land. Leah is far from friendly and doesn’t want anything to do with Finny.  But, when it starts to rain, she asks Finny if she can stay in his shelter so she doesn’t get wet. The water comes faster than they expected and the two need to work together to be reunited with their parents.

All Creatures Big and Small

All Creatures Big and Small is an amazing movie. The combination of animals and fantasy species is a fun spin on the traditional Bible story. Each animal has their own personalities with accents from the area that they’re really from. Leah and Finny are total opposites. Leah is a loner and not at all interested in being polite or cooperating with anyone. She’s tough and coordinated and athletic. Finny is soft and furry and clumsy but he’s really smart and is great at building things.  Despite their differences, they each learn something from the other on their journey and need to work together to survive.

If you’re looking for a fun family film with a lesson, watch All Creatures Big and Small FREE on Google Play for a limited time.


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  1. I love animal related films too!

    This looks super cute. My kids are teenagers so they might not watch it but my hubby and I are big kids at heart. I could see us watching this film. I’ll have to look for it the next time we’re out.

    Thank you for sharing information about this cute movie.

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