Animal Kingdom Color Me Draw Me

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Animal Kingdom Color Me Draw Me
Author: Millie Marotta
ISBN: 978-1454709107
Genre: Crafts
Release: September 23, 2013
Publisher: Lark Crafts
96 pages
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Enter Millie Marotta’s captivating animal kingdom, featuring everything from beautiful birds to fantastic fish, delicate dragonflies to elaborately decorated elephants. Her grown-up coloring book, filled with intricate patterning and detail, invites adults and older children to add their personal touch to each stunning drawing. Give a rooster plumage, adorn a tortoise’s shell, create a backdrop for a ram, and more inspiring creative fun.

Animal Kingdom Color Me Draw Me by Millie Marotta

I love to draw and to doodle but I’m the first to admit that I have no talent at all πŸ™‚ When the kids were younger, I used to enjoy coloring with them in their coloring books because even someone with no talent could make a pretty good picture with a coloring book.

Now, with Animal Kingdom Color Me Draw Me by Millie Marotta anyone can make a beautiful picture. This book has beautiful illustrations in black and white that you can color in. The Animal Kingdom book includes bugs, birds, plants and animals. The author’s inspiration comes from her studio by the sea and the wildlife around her.

This is an absolutely gorgeous book with nice, heavy paper and gorgeous, intricate drawings for you to color.  You can choose to color in the whole drawing or simply accent key pieces like certain flowers or the peacock’s wings.  There are drawings of several different sizes so if you’d like to start with something, choose an individual fish instead of a forest scene with birds.

Animal Kingdom Color Me Draw Me by Millie Marotta is the perfect book for anyone who longs to be creative but lacks confidence in their artistic ability.  Any creative person would appreciate this as a holiday gift.

Coloring book for adults by Millie Marotta

30 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom Color Me Draw Me

  1. I love how this is for adults/older people so its more intricut and detailed! My kids love to color and this would be great for me to color while they colored!

  2. I’d like to win because I like to color. I color with my granddaughter all the time, and I think I enjoy it more than she does! Also, I really like the look of the Animal Kingdom coloring book for adults.

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