Be a Real-Life Mermaid by Virginia Hankins

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Have you ever wanted to be a real-life mermaid? Mermaids are all the rage right now, and I’m sure you can understand why. After all, how much fun would it be to live underwater, have a sparkly tail and wear jewelry encrusted jewelry all day? 

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Be a Real-Life Mermaid by Virginia HankinsBe a Real-Life Mermaid

The secret to happiness is to be yourself … unless you can be a mermaid. Then be a mermaid!

If you’re ready to trade legs for fins, Be a Real-Life Mermaid shows how to shell-ebrate your inner sea siren. Professional mermaid Virginia Hankins teaches you how to be a stylish aqua-babe and embody the confidence of a water goddess.

Part craft book, part manifesto with a splash of fun, this book has everything needed to complete your mermaid transformation, including:

A siren alter ego
Fierce makeup looks
A gorgeous mer-crown
Seaside decor
Glamorous aquatic accessories

Be a Real-Life Mermaid Review:

This is a fun book that is loaded with crafts, beauty tips, recipes, and lifestyle advice. There are fun ideas that you could use for a mermaid party. But, there are also lots of ideas you can incorporate into your beauty routine if you spend a lot of time in the water.

Moms can easily use the beauty ideas for themselves, and then make a few of the crafts or recipes with their child. Or, if you have a tween or teen that is obsessed with mermaids, they can experiment with all of the different tips included in this book.

I really love that they include ideas that range from a reusable beach tote and d-tox water to nautical nails and a body salt scrub.

Be a Real-Life Mermaid is a fun book for mermaid lovers of all ages. Buy it today.

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