LaserX Interactive Game System

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Have you seen the LaserX Interactive Game System? But, with the LaserX interactive game system, they can player laster tag any time they want to! 

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LaserX Interactive Game System for the Whole Family

LaserX Interactive Game System

The all-new Laser X Interactive Game system features sophisticated electronics and optics that give players pinpoint blasting accuracy up to 200 feet. The receiver vest keeps tracks of hits. After 10 hits, players are eliminated from the game.

Players can choose to be on teams or select “rogue” mode where it’s every player for his or herself. All Laser X sets work together, so games can have as few as two players – or the whole neighborhood can play. Advanced sensors in the Laser X blaster know when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding. An interactive “coach” uses this information to give players tips and tricks throughout the game.

LaserX Interactive Game System for the Whole Family

Laser X can be played outside in bright sunlight or in the dark. It is available in sets that equip two players for $49.99 or that equip one player for $24.99 at and other retailers.

You can also purchase a Long Range Blaster ($39.99) and Gaming Tower ($39.99). More info is available at

LaserX Interactive Game System for the Whole Family

My thoughts:

Don’t think that just because the kids are older, they cannot have fun with games. My daughter and her boyfriend had a blast with this. I love that the straps that hold the receiver vest on are generously sized so that even grown ups can play it.

It’s a great way to get the older kids off the couch and outside running around.

LaserX Interactive Game System for the Whole Family

I really appreciate that this is expandable. You can buy your child their own and then they can play with other kids in the neighborhood that have one. Or, you can buy the set that has two units if you want to buy one that both kids can play together.

You can also get a Long Range Blaster that can blast up to 400 feet with greater accuracy and it can shoot 25 shots in rapid succession. The Gaming Tower has 9 built-in games for even more fun. Best of all, all of the LaserX systems work together so everyone can play.

This would make a great family gift for Christmas this year! Check out LaserX here.

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