Bonding as a Family With Kids Woodworking Projects

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It’s always rewarding to find projects the whole family can enjoy together and bond over. As a family, we have gone geocaching, done arts and crafts, and have gone on hikes together. If you’re looking for a great family bonding activity, consider kids woodworking projects that you can all create together.

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Bonding as a Family With Kids Woodworking Projects

Kids Woodworking Projects

I’ve worked on a few kids woodworking projects with my Dad when I was younger. He still has a workshop downstairs with lots of different woodworking tools. I’ll admit that I have never been that great at building things. But, I gave it a try a few times. About all I ever managed to make was a pear-shaped cutting board.

If you’re trying to survive the summer with kids, woodworking is a wonderful hobby that your child can learn. But, it’s also a great hobby to take with you as you age. If you enjoy it enough, it can turn into a carpentry job or a cabinetry job. Or, it can simply give your child the skills they need to tackle home repair jobs when they get older.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing kids woodworking projects to complete.

Building projects for kids

If you’re looking for building projects for kids, it’s important that you make them age appropriate. Only you can know the maturity level of your child but keep that in mind when choosing a project. For a younger child, you may want to do all of the power tool work yourself.  Your child can learn to use sandpaper, hammers, and screwdrivers. Even the youngest child can learn to help sand the edges of building blocks or help create a birdhouse.

Bonding as a Family With Kids Woodworking Projects

Woodwork projects for beginners

There are a number of different woodwork projects that are easy enough for even a beginner. Consider looking for plans for a cutting board, a serving tray, a wooden bench, or a hat rack. All of these are easy enough to do with supervision for even a child. My son had a great time making Pinewood Derby cars when he was in Boy Scouts.

Free building projects for kids and adults

If you’re looking for free building projects for kids, check out where they offer a list of simple, fun woodworking projects to choose from. If you have an Android phone, make sure that you check out the Let’s Create With Wood app as well.

What are your favorite kids woodworking projects?