Books to Prepare for your First Job

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My son graduated from high school in June of this year. It’s hard to believe that school is over and he’s officially an adult. He has no plans to go on for additional schooling at this time. He may change his mind as he gets older. Since it will be Labor Day soon, I thought it was only fitting to share this list with you.

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Books to prepare for your first job

Books to Prepare for your First Job

While he’s had a fast food job for a while, I realized that he wasn’t really all that prepared to be thrust into the adult world. Adjusting to your first job can take some time. There are no summer vacations and no snow days. Work is something you do every day for the rest of your life. Unlike school, there’s no recess and no art class and no hanging out in the hallway with your friends.

These books to prepare for your first job will be helpful to teenagers whether they are 14 or 18.

  • The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals – What is The Bigs? In baseball, “the bigs” is slang for the big leagues. When you become responsible for yourself, and you are being paid to do a job, you are in the big leagues. The real world is tough, competitive, and much is expected.
  • Super Man’s Resume: A Beginner’s Guide to Resume Writing, and Beyond – You are a young adult graduating from college, a military veteran getting out of the service, a seasonal professional who hasn’t looked for a job in decades. You are a prisoner readying for parole, an immigrant landing on American soil, a young teen graduating from high school. You were laid off!!! You don’t even know what a resume looks like. How do you begin?
  • Teenagers Guide to Getting a Job and Keeping It – Getting a job can be a tough task for the most seasoned worker, so what about teens who lack that experience? From over 25 years in business I’ve seen the best and the worse, and I know my tips will definitely help achieve results – get that job AND keep it!
  • Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cool Jobs for Teens – With U.S. unemployment the lowest it’s been in 25 years, the job market for teens has never been better. But even in good times, it can be hard for teens to find jobs that are right for them. They still must be able to interview with confidence, stick with the daily grind and figure out how much money will be paid in taxes.
  • Beyond Texting: The Fine Art of Face-to-Face Communication for Teenagers – Teens sign up for phone plans with unlimited text messages and 200 talk minutes, yet can’t carry on an ordinary dinner conversation. Beyond Texting is the first book for teens to explain how to be plugged in without neglecting the necessity and power of physical, human interaction.

Labor Day is a great time to introduce your teenager to the skills they’ll need for their first job.

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Books to prepare for your first job

8 thoughts on “Books to Prepare for your First Job

  1. Great list of books! My oldest daughter started her first post college job on Monday, and she is pretty overwhelmed. The Bigs looks like a great book for her to read to get an understanding of how companies work.

  2. These look more interesting than What Color is Your Parachute? that I read! I like the beyond texting book. Surprised more kids don’t have finger joint problems!

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