Can You Ever Be Truly Ready to be a Parent?

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I’m an avid reader, and while I was pregnant with my daughter (my first child), I read just about every book that existing on being pregnant and being a parent. I memorized exactly what was supposed to happen in each month. I stocked the house with the right supplies, the best books, the most recommended learning games, and everything I thought I might need just in case. This post has been sponsored, but the story is my own.

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Can You Ever Be Truly Ready to be a Parent?

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Being a dad is not about handling every ‘what if’ that could come along. It’s about just being in the moment.” This new dad, Robin, shares the lessons he hopes to teach to his son and the fears he has of being a father. Happy Father’s Day from SoulPancake!

With all of my magazine subscriptions, books and supplies I thought I knew exactly what to expect when the baby was born. I had planned and prepared so well, But, can you ever be truly ready to be a parent? You can read every parenting book in the library, but chances are your child will still do things that leave you scratching your head in confusion.

The good news is that you don’t need to be the perfect parent. You can sing off key and be horrible at baseball. You can repeat Star Trek lyrics with a horrible accent. You can burn toast and eat too many jelly beans. What you really need to do to be a parent is to be there for your child no matter what. If you agree, check out these two videos all about what it takes to be the perfect parent.

Check out the videos above and let me know what you think? Which is your favorite and why?

8 thoughts on “Can You Ever Be Truly Ready to be a Parent?

  1. I don’t believe you can be ready. You also aren’t ready for a two year old, five year old, ten year old, etc. Parenting is a day by day, sometimes hour by hour learning experience. I like the Dad goals video, it’s amusing.

  2. I was a nervous young mom, and also read every book about pregnancy and parenting that I could get my hands on. The books definitely helped prepare me, but there are some things you just have to experience and learn through trial and error. Loved the video!.

  3. I agree, you are never truly prepared. By the time I had my third baby, I thought I had it figured out. She totally threw me for a loop!

  4. Not only do I think there is never any way to be completely ready, but I also feel like you can never be totally prepared down the road either. Life is just too crazy and so many unexpected things can happen at the last minute!

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