The Reconciler Movie

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Most of us have that one person in our lives that we’d rather not have anything to do with. Maybe they hurt you in the past or the two of you just rub each other the wrong way. Maybe it’s a family member or someone from our past. What would happen if you were forced to resolve your differences? 

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The Reconciler Movie

The Reconciler Movie

Have you heard of The Reconciler movie? A man shrouded in mystery, known only as the Reconciler, gathers those who are estranged, angry, and distant from each other to see if they can reconcile before it’s too late. A female reporter is assigned by her editor to investigate the darkness he feels is pervading the world. A surprise ending leaves audiences entirely captivated.

Two men wake up locked in a warehouse. There’s no way out and neither of them knows who the other is or why they’re there. Eventually, they find a third person (a twin of one of the men that’s already there) and figure out that “The Reconciler” has locked them in the warehouse so that the two estranged brothers resolve their differences. The third man is a reporter who’s written about The Reconciler in the past.The Reconciler locks people up together that are estranged and won’t release them until they make up.

The Reconciler is about more than just the two brothers trying to work out their differences. Woven throughout the movie are the stories of two other sets of people who have been kidnapped by The Reconciler and their journey to reconcile. It’s also about the story of the reporter who’s writing about the darkness that’s taking over the world and the changes that she experiences as she investigates.


The Reconciler is a truly amazing movie. Each story kept me completely enthralled as I watched to see if people would make up with each other. Their stories were all unique and had different challenges so it was fascinating to watch. The ending completely amazed me. I wasn’t at all expecting it and it made me cry in a good way.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’ll enjoy this movie. While God is the prevailing message in this film, it’s not done in a preachy way at all. If you enjoy family films that really keep you on the edge of your seat, you’ll want to watch this. As an added plus, it has Roddy Piper (as in Rowdy Roddy Piper the wrestler) acting in it. I’m going to have my son watch this next since he’s a huge fan.

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  1. Is this a movie you can screen online? I’m interested in viewing it, but we traded in our dvd / blue ray a long time ago. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a believer, but you know, I still love movies like this. They have such a great message. It’s hard to find movies like that these days.

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