Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie Premiere of “A Season for Family” on Wednesday, November 22nd at 8pm/7c! #MiraclesofChristmas

A season for Family

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie premiere of “A Season for Family” will be on Wednesday, November 22nd at 8pm/7c! Tune in and follow hashtag #MiraclesofChristmas A Season for Family Christmas, to me, is a time of joy, warmth, and boundless cheer, a season that holds a special place in my heart. From the twinkling lights […]

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Hold Still the Sky by Cameron McVey

Hold Still The Sky by Cameron McVey

Worldwide eruptions have clouded Earth’s atmosphere. The remnants of humankind live inside domed cities. Biomass guidelines strictly regulate births, copulation and food rations. Amputation of “unnecessary limbs” is viewed as a noble sacrifice. Power is generated by massive solar energy-collecting sails. Hangers are those chosen to maintain the sails at great risk to life and […]

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