How to Help Your Child Love Reading

How to Help Your Child Love Reading

Have you ever wondered how to help your child love reading? My daughter loved to read and would eagerly read just about any book that she received. She was excited to have new books to read at school and looked forward to learning about new authors. This love of reading has followed her as she grew up, and she still loves reading today. As someone who enjoys reading as much as an adult as they did as a child, I’m thrilled that she has kept this interest as well. Product was provided for review, and this post contains affiliate links.

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How to Help Your Child Love Reading

How to Help Your Child Love Reading

Kids that enjoy books and read regularly are more likely to succeed when learning to read. Reading with your kids also exposes them to new language and vocabulary, which will help them be better communicators. Experts agree that reading with your child offers many benefits for your child and you.

One of the easiest ways to help your child love reading is by offering them a variety of books to grab their attention. It’s helpful when you are reading a book to your child to have a study guide that goes along with it. A study guide can provide tips for how to use the book with different aged children and other activities you can do along with reading the book.

The Story Box is a fun way to expose your child to new books. They are a monthly subscription service for children, and their boxes are curated by a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. Each month, customers receive two children’s books with a parent guide. Their goal is always to choose books that can facilitate vocabulary skills, communication skills, and early literacy skills.

The parent guide that’s included with each shipment is specific to the books in the box. It includes tips and suggested activities for each age range. I love that this allows you to enjoy the same book with several children. Their study guide will include how you can help your baby (1-2 years) enjoy the same book that your toddler, preschooler or early elementary child is experiencing.

Have you ever wondered how to help your child love reading?

If you’re looking for ways to help your child love reading, I encourage you to sign up for The Story Box today. Save $6 on your order today.

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  1. Oh I have not heard of that! What a wonderful way to get some new different books to read. We love story time, and have so much fun reading at night! I would love to do this for him!

  2. It is important that children have a large selection of age appropriate books that they can get to any time. A large book basket or a floor level book shelf is perfect for book browsing.

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