How to Help Your Child Love Reading

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Have you ever wondered how to help your child love reading? My daughter loved to read and would eagerly read just about any book that she received. She was excited to have new books to read at school and looked forward to learning about new authors. 

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How to Help Your Child Love Reading This Summer


How to Help Your Child Love Reading

This love of reading has followed her as she grew up, and she still loves reading today. As someone who enjoys reading as much as an adult as they did as a child, I’m thrilled that she has kept this interest as well. So, here are a few tips that have worked for me.

What does reading do for a child?

What does reading do for a child?

Kids that enjoy books and read regularly are more likely to succeed when learning to read. Reading with your kids also exposes them to new language and vocabulary, which will help them be better communicators.

Experts agree that reading with your child offers many benefits for your child and you. So, one of the easiest ways to help your child love reading is by offering them a variety of books to grab their attention.

These kindergarten sight words are a great place to start with a younger child.

How do I motivate my child to read?

How do I motivate my child to read?

You need to encourage some children to read more than others. If your child doesn’t seem motivated to read, consider if you are offering them books they’re interested in or not. And, you might want to try making a game out of reading.

Why not download this fun summer reading BINGO printable. And, challenge your child to complete the card by the end of the summer. Then, be sure to reward them with something because that’s what will motivate them.

What if my child hates reading?

So, if your child truly dislikes reading, ask yourself why. Are the books too challenging? Are the topics not interesting? My son didn’t really enjoy reading until we really looked for topics he wanted to read about.

When we started offering him books about sports or wizards, he started to read more often. He also really enjoyed graphic novels because there are more pictures. Look at what your child’s interests are and see if you can find books about those. Or, if there is a favorite television program, find a book about that series.

Even a comic book is a great place to start. Finally, remember, don’t push your child to read.

If you’re not sure what books to offer your child to read, why not consider a few of the classics. Books like Peter Pan, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales have been popular for many years. See if one of these stories is something they’ll love to read.

The Big Book of Adventure

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Help your child love reading tips

  • Make it fun with a printable BINGO sheet
  • Find books on topics they enjoy
  • Don’t push. Encourage.
  • Read with them.
  • Lead by example – you read too.
  • Visit the library or story hour.
  • Limit television and technology because that can have an impact.

How to help your child love reading this summer

Summary: Help your child love reading

So, if you want to know how to help your child love reading, try a few of these simple tips. But, remember, it’s important not to push reading. You don’t want your child to resist reading even more than they already do. Finally, start slow and hopefully, they will learn to love reading as much as you do.

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