Prepaid Cell Phones Kids Safety Tips You Need

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Check out these prepaid cell phones kids‘ safety tips before you buy your child a cell phone! Back to school is almost here. And, along with notebooks, new clothes, and a backpack, your child may need a cell phone. But, with all the different types out there, what’s safest? 

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Prepaid Cell Phones Kids Safety Tips You Need to Know

Prepaid Cell Phones Kids Safety Tips

Look, if your child is anything like mine, the world will end if they don’t have a cell phone just like all their friends do. But, what age should a child have a cell phone? And, what is the best cell phone plan for a child?

Models of prepaid cell phones kids want

Chances are that your child doesn’t need the same top of the line model phone you have. They may want that, but they probably don’t need that. They also probably don’t need to have unlimited talk, text, and data. Prepaid plans on an older cell phone may work perfectly for what your child really needs.

Prepaid Cell Phones Kids Safety Tips You Need to Know

What age should a child have a cell phone?

This will vary depending on the maturity level of your child. It’s not all about the age. It’s really about need and trust. Does your child need to contact you after sports games for a ride? Are they mature enough to be trusted with an expensive phone? And, if they do need a cell phone, does it need to have internet access? There are a lot of concerns when it comes to cell phones and children. Personally, my kids were in high school before they had cell phones. But, that’s me.

Kid mobile phone plans

If you’ve decided that your child needs to have a mobile phone, the next step is deciding what they need it for. Do you want them to have the ability to contact you in case of an emergency? Or, do you want them to have access to apps to help with homework or hobbies? Should they be allowed access to the internet? Many cell phone providers offer basic plans for kids that allow your child the ability to talk and text but not access the internet.

kid mobile phone plans

Cell phone with limited numbers to call

Many parents decide to go with a cell phone with limited numbers to call. This means that your child could call home, a few select friends, and family members. But, it would not allow them to call anyone they wanted to. Or, you can use a parental control app that will limit your child’s access. 

What is the best iPhone for a 12-year-old?

Once you’ve decided why they need a phone and how much access they need, keep in mind the cost. Accidents happen and happen more frequently with kids and teenagers. If they lose their phone, drop it in the toilet, crack the screen or otherwise damage the phone, you don’t want to be out $1,000. It probably makes the most sense to purchase an older version phone that you can upgrade when the kids get older.  You can save money with a certified pre-Owned iPhone!

Cell phone with limited numbers to call

How much access do they need?

Once you’ve chosen the phone, you need to decide how much access they need to their phone. Should there be time limits on use? Will those limits be tied to good behavior, good grades or chores? Can they earn more access or lose access they have? And, you need to decide how much access YOU need to their phone. Will you monitor what they’re doing? There are apps that keep track of exactly what your child does on their phone.

Prepaid Cell Phones Kids Safety Tips You Need to Know

Savings on prepaid cell phones kids want

Once you’ve decided exactly what you need, it’s time to make the purchase. Remember that it’s OK to get an older model phone until your child is a bit older. 

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Finally, learn more about back to school technology charging. If you’re child is using their phone for games, you may want to check out these Pokemon Go safety tips.

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