Classic Science Fiction Movie Marathon on Earth Day

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I was so excited to learn about this classic science fiction movie marathon for Earth Day on COMET TV! I know what I’ll be doing on April 22nd. If you’re a science fiction or thriller fan like I am, check out the lineup today and see what you can expect. I’m sharing this with you because I’m a huge fan of COMET TV as a fantastic free alternative to many paid subscription services. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Classic Science Fiction Movie Marathon on Earth Day

Classic Science Fiction Movie Marathon

Earth Day is April 22nd and you can spend the whole day watching these amazing movies for FREE. Plus, Stargate SG-1 is back on COMET! Your favorite gate-hopping action series returns with back-to-back episodes Monday through Thursday at 8/7C, with encores of both episodes airing at 10/9C.



  • Frogs (1972) – Saturday April 22 at NOON/11AM C
  • Die, Monster, Die (1965) – Saturday April 22 at 2/1C
  • Empire of the Ants (1977) – Saturday April 22 at 4/3C
  • Contamination .7 (1993) – Saturday April 22 at 6/5C
  • Reptilicus (1962) – Friday April 7 at 10am/9C & Wednesday April 12 at 4/3C
  • Countless Dracula (1972) – Friday April 7 at 6/5C
  • The Crow (1994) – Friday April 7 at 8/7C, Saturday April 8 at 8/7C, Friday April 14 at 6/5C, Sunday April 23 at 4/3C
  • Deep Space (1987) – Saturday April 8 at 6/5C
  • The Immortalizer (1989) – Sunday April 9 at 6/5C
  • The Amityville Horror (1979) – Monday April 10 at 6/5C
  • Robot Holocaust (1987) – Saturday April 8 at 4/3C, Tuesday April 11 at 6/5C, Thursday April 27 at 6/5C
  • The Crow II: City of Angels (1996) – Friday April 14 at 8/7C, Saturday April 15 at 8/7C, Sunday April 23 at 6/5C
  • The Spell (1977) – Saturday April 15 at 2/1C
  • Initiation of Sarah (1978) – Saturday April 15 at 4/3C, Tuesday April 18 at 6/5C
  • Dolls (1986) – Sunday April 16 at 4/3C, Wednesday April 19 at 6/5C
  • Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973) – Sunday April 16 at 6/5C
  • Gattaca (1997) – Friday April 21 at 8/7C, Saturday April 22 at 8/7C, Wednesday April 26 at 6/5C, Sunday April 30 at 4/3C
  • Ghoulies (1985) – Monday April 24 at 4/3C
  • Ghoulies II (1987) – Monday April 24 at 6/5C
  • UFO (Documentary, 1956) – Monday April 24 at MIDNIGHT/11C
  • Cherry 2000 (1988) – Friday April 28 at 8/7C, Saturday April 29 at 8/7C

Get Started

So, visit COMET TV today and get ready to enjoy all of your favorite shows in this classic science fiction movie marathon. It’s even available as an app for easy viewing.

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  1. I am enjoying the return of SG-1, although I miss the Atlantis shows. They will be back hopefully. I have not seen many on this this, so will have to tune in! It will be a fun Earth Day.

  2. My daughter just started watching old Science Fiction movies recently. I will have to show her this fun list!

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