CosmoCamp: Music App for Children

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Both of my children love music and have played a variety of different musical instruments and participated in chorus in school. My daughter even took voice lessons for a while with a vocal instructor. I think that exposing children to music at a young age helped foster that love of music. I know that they certainly didn’t inherit any musical talent from me.

Music app for kids

CosmoCamp: Music App for Children

Since children enjoy playing with apps, encouraging their love of music through an app is a wonderful way to expose them to music at an early age. CosmoCamp is a series of interactive storybooks and creative game applications that are both entertaining and educational!

CosmoCamp recently rolled out a new app, Music, which turns your iPhone or iPad into an orchestra. In this fun interactive app, your little one joins the band and gets to try different musical instruments: guitar, drum, piano, trumpet, etc. They can also set up a concert with Migo, Pandy and friends, and discover the wonderful world of sounds. By introducing your child to music and instruments, the app simulates their musical dispositions and helps develop their auditory awareness, all while they have a blast playing this great app!

CosmoCamp offers interactive adventure books that include two reading modes that are designed to reinforce the learning experience of toddlers (2-3) and preschoolers (4-5). They use stimulating interactions to keep your child’s interest and these story books will appeal to even the youngest learners because they have colorful illustrations, funny animations and educational stories.

CosmoCamp: Music is available now on the App Store, with an initial launch price of $1.99. Help your child develop their creative skills and spark their interest in music with this fun new app available now. Take a look at this cute video for more information about what CosmoCamp offers.

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  1. Glad you shared! My kids love music and are singing all the time. They are either singing songs they know from the radio or learned at church. This would be perfect for my youngest.

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