Pop Out Fold and Create Paper Birds Book

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Have you ever wondered how your child could create paper birds easily? I’ve got just the book for you! My kids have always enjoyed paper crafts because there is such a wide variety of different projects you can do. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and a fun indoor craft for when the weather is rainy or too cold. 

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Pop Out Fold and Create Paper Birds BookPop Out Fold and Create Paper Birds Book

From Olive the Owl (who loves breakfast but hates rainy days) to Hektor the nectar collector, Paper Birds brings you a gorgeously illustrated cast of feathery new friends to press-out, make, and play with.

With a wide range of birdy buddies, including a flamingo, a parrot, a stork, a hawk, and a bluebird, each with its own perch, nest, flower, or treat, this gorgeously designed book is full of information about each bird’s unique personality, with likes and dislikes listed so you can really get to know each character in this book!

Every bird is carefully crafted and beautifully illustrated and by following the simple step-by-step instructions, you will have hours of fun making your new feathered friends. Buy it now.

My thoughts:

This book contains 10 different birds that you can pop out and create. Each one is perforated so you simply press them out, fold on the pre-folded lines, and then glue together. Each bird has accessories that go along with it.

So, for example, the albatross also contains a squid and the sea around her. The directions are easy to follow and show what you need to do step by step. This would be great fun for a child or an adult who likes simple crafts. The recommended ages for this book are 8-10 years old.

I love that the book lets you get to know each bird as you create them. Poppy and Percy the parrots enjoy eating palm fruit but don’t like the cold. These little bits of information will help your child understand more about the bird itself and have fun learning.

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2 thoughts on “Pop Out Fold and Create Paper Birds Book

  1. What a great learning activity that doesn’t require a bunch of things–great for travel. I always forget the scissors! I would love the paper pets too. These are nice keepsakes that would keep kid’s interest I’m sure.

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