Animal Crafts for Toddlers

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This zoo animal craft for toddlers is one of my favorite animal crafts. Use it as a way to teach your child about jungle animals.

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This zoo animal craft for toddlers is one of my favorite animal crafts. Use it as a way to teach your child about jungle animals.

Animal Crafts for Toddlers

There are so many different construction paper animal crafts you can make with the kids. Paper plate crafts are the first choice when it comes to easy crafts. But, toilet paper roll spring crafts are another of my favorite easy animal paper crafts.

Young kids don’t have a very long attention span. So, you will want to keep your animal paper craft ideas simple. Explore other animals with your preschool-aged children by reading them books about their favorite animals.

If your child enjoys zoo animals, they will love these zoo kids’ books. There are lots of animal construction paper crafts you can make with your child.

There are so many amazing animals you can teach preschoolers about. You can also plan a trip to a local zoo to see zoo animals in person if you want more animal activities.

For more zoo animal crafts, check out this animal crossing papercraft. Preschool jungle crafts are fun for older kids too.

This zoo animal craft for toddlers is one of my favorite animal crafts. Use it as a way to teach your child about jungle animals.

Supplies to make this animal craft for toddlers

You will need these craft supplies to make animal paper crafts.

  1. Cardstock paper.
  2. Craft paper or construction paper.
  3. Tissue paper Roll
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue.
  8. Marker pens.

We try to keep basic craft supplies on hand at all times. Get a plastic tub and add crafty things like egg cartons, construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, paint, and a paper plate or two.

Then your child and you can make a few paper animal crafts whenever you want. I find it’s easiest to keep a bin full of supplies so we can make animal art for preschoolers whenever we like.

cut out pieces of craft paper

How to make tissue paper roll giraffe

You will need to help your child with the paper animal cutouts. But, they should be able to use a glue stick independently.

Kids love glue. So, if you want zoo animal crafts for toddlers they will enjoy this one.

Guide them to proper placement or let them place the pieces where they like. Zoo animal crafts for kids don’t need to be perfect.

  • Print out the PDF free template and use cardstock or construction paper to cut out the pieces for the giraffe.
  • Stick the pieces of the horns together.
  • Then attach the mouth and the head. 

creating an animal craft

  • Place the hoofs with the legs. 

pieces of construction paper cut out

  • Stick the giraffe’s spots on the body, head, and legs. 

wrapping paper around a toilet paper tube

  • Attach the paper around the tissue paper roll. 

giraffe head paper craft

  • Put the horns on the head. 

making a toddler animal craft

  • Place the head on the giraffe’s neck. 

paper giraffe

  • Then attach the legs to the bottom front part of the body.

This is such an adorable craft for kindergarten kids or preschoolers.

Depending on how much help you want, it would work well for ages four and up. Little hands may not be able to manage the cutting on their own.

More animal crafts for preschoolers

I hope your child will enjoy making this zoo animal. If you want more paper animal crafts, you may want to try these animal crafts for kids.

  • If your child loves ocean animals, check out these free shark printables for preschoolers.
  • Make zoo animals with paper plates right here.
  • Make a paper chain snake here. Snake crafts are so much fun!
  • Here are some craft ideas for an alligator craft.
  • Forest animals crafts can be fun. Find out how. I love these adorable forest animal crafts.
  • Make arctic animals with this craft DIY.
  • Here are 20 different peacock crafts to teach kids about peacocks.
  • Make a paper plate polar bear here. It’s adorable!

There are so many easy animal crafts for toddlers and animal arts projects that your child can create. If your child is an animal lover, they will have fun with these super cute zoo animal crafts.

Would you like to see more easy zoo animal craft ideas? I hope to share paper plate zoo animal crafts soon.

Finally, for more easy projects, try these:

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