Creative Disney Books for Children

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You are going to love these creative Disney books! I have always been a huge fan of books that inspire creativity. Stickers, crayons, puzzles, scrapbooking. You name it. 

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Creative Disney Books for Children Ages 3 and Up

Creative Disney Books

If it gets the kids to sit down and let their imagination go wild, I’m all for it. If your child is a fan of Disney movies like Frozen or COCO, they’ll definitely want to be able to add these books to their collection. 

These creative Disney books are all intended for children ages 3 and up. But, I know that kids of all ages (even some adults) will enjoy them as well. You’re never too old to love Disney.

Disney Pixar COCO Always Remember

Disney Pixar Coco Always Remember is an atmospheric and vibrant black paper coloring book based on Disney’s movie title Coco. You’ll meet young musician Miguel, and be transported to Mexico to experience the wonder of the Land of the Dead as you add color to over 40 black pages with 4 super-bright crayons.

Creative Disney Books for Children Ages 3 and Up

My thoughts:

This coloring book includes 4 crayons in a fun sugar skull holder attached to the cover. The designs inside are on black pages which makes it something a little bit different than traditional coloring books. This coloring book could easily be enjoyed by an older child and includes a variety of COCO images along with inspiring sayings like Dance to Your Own Beat and The Road to Destiny. Buy it now.

Disney Pixar COCO Friends Forever: Coloring – Activities – Stickers

It’s time for some adventures in the Land of the Dead with Disney Pixar Coco Friends Forever, an amazing book packed with stickers, coloring, and activities! Complete the sticker scenes of Miguel and his friends, decorate a sugar skull, color in Dante the street dog, and lots more!

My thoughts:

This book is loaded with fun things to do! There are several pages of stickers along with fun learning activities, short stories, pages to color, and more. There are over 50 stickers included with this activity book! Each page has writing on it with instructions or a story so I would definitely get this book for children that can read unless you’re planning on working on it with them. Buy it now.

Disney Pixar COCO Sing Your Song

Sing Your Song is an atmospheric and vibrant coloring and activity book based on Disney Pixar’s film Coco. Be inspired by the spirit of adventure in this mystical sketchbook. Write songs with Miguel, create a family tree of your ancestors, design your own sugar skull mask, and much more. Bring your imagination to life!

Creative Disney Books for Children Ages 3 and Up

My thoughts

The focus of this coloring and activity book is music and dancing. So, if you have a child that really loves music, this is the book you’ll want to get them. Activities include things like writing song lyrics and coloring Miguel and his guitar. But, there are also things like coloring flowers, writing or drawing things that you dream of, and coloring in sugar skulls. Plus, there are press-out sugar skulls to play with! Buy it now.

Disney Pixar Coco Mosaic Sticker by Numbers: With over 1000 Stickers

Complete the musical score, decorate the sugar skulls, and fill the page with flowers in this Mosaic Sticker by Numbers activity book with over 1000 colorful stickers. Add your stickers to each page to build up stunning scenes and pictures from Coco, the stunning movie from Disney Pixar!

My thoughts

If your child loves stickers, this is the book they want to get. There is no coloring in this book. It’s entirely stickers by numbers. So, your child will be matching the sticker with the number on the page. That means they will need to be able to recognize the numbers on the page and match them with the right sticker. I love how bright and colorful this book is. Buy it now.

Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Little Snowman, Big Adventures

Join Olaf and all his Frozen friends for some warm hugs and fantastic festive adventures in Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: Little Snowman, Big Adventures. Featuring cool coloring pages, awesome activities and more than 30 stickers, this book is perfect for Frozen fans. Use the included four cool crayons to bring the Little Snowman and his Big Adventures to life!

person coloring in a Sherlock Holmes mysteries coloring book

My thoughts:

This is a fun coloring and activity book that younger kids will enjoy. It comes with 4 big crayons and over 30 different Frozen stickers to play with. Just a few fun things included are tracing letters, coloring, mazes, and matching. This book is great to get them in the mood for snow. Buy it now.

Which of these creative Disney books is your favorite? Check out my other Disney posts.

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