Look at Us Now: A Creative Family Journal

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Journaling is a wonderful way to relieve stress and become more mindful. It’s something that I have been exploring lately to become more centered and to really pay attention to what’s important in my life and what I’m spending my time doing. It’s so easy to lose track of what your goals are and fill your life with busyness instead. I was sent a really Look at Us Now: A Creative Family Journalinteresting family journal that I wanted to share with you. I really wish that I had discovered something like this when my kids were little. A product was provided for review and this post contains affiliate links.

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Look at Us Now: A Creative Family Journal

Anyone who has kids will tell you that they grow up in a blink of an eye. And, with our modern lives becoming busier than ever before, it’s easy for parents to focus primarily on future goals instead of the present joys.

That’s why author Bernadette Noll created Look at Us Now: A Creative Family Journal, an interactive diary for families to complete together. Filled with clever questions that will engage parents and kids alike, this illustrated journal encourages families to capture the essence of their lives during the present moment. It’s the seemingly mundane things – the sleep patterns, school choices, and family rhythms and rituals – that make up the fabric of daily life; and Noll captures this with playful prompts, including:

  • The last time we laughed out loud was because …
  • What does family dinner look like? Who talks the most? The least?
  • Inside jokes. Family sayings. And things only your family gets (Spill it):
  • Things we appreciate about each family member:
  • Something crazy that happened this month:

Designed for families of all ages, Look at Us Now will foster connection, reflection, and creative fun.

I really love the idea of using this family journal as a resource to remember what life is like. Time goes by so quickly and we often forget the small things that make up our lives when our children are younger. This creative family journal is a wonderful way to capture those memories.

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