Debt by Rachel Dunning

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DEBT by Rachel DunningThere are times that the description of a book just draws you in and you have to read it. Debt by Rachel Dunning was one of those books. I don’t read a lot of adult novels, but the promo I posted really drew me in and got me interested in the book. This is the first book that I’ve read by Rachel Dunning although she has written quite a few in the romance and paranormal romance genres. I think that Mind Games (her paranormal story) sounds like one I would enjoy as well. A book was provided for this review.

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Debt by Rachel Dunning

“The Debt Collector” is from the slums of London. He’s never had an easy life but he’s always paid his debts. He fights in illegal fight matches to make money to pay so his sister can have a better life. Kyla is from a well off family but her mother left her when she was a child and she’s convinced her father doesn’t love her. She runs from guy to guy searching for something that she can’t find.

Kyla meets The Debt Collector and is instantly drawn to him. She has no idea why but there is a chemistry between the two of them that she can’t deny and that she hasn’t felt in a long time. The Debt Collector sees through the act that Kyla is putting on and is both intrigued by her and afraid of the feelings that she makes him feel. The two decide to give their relationship a chance and see where it goes but neither is sure if they can forget or come to terms with the past in order to make a relationship work.

I really enjoyed Debt by Rachel Dunning. It’s a fun read with very likable characters. While there are definitely some very steamy parts to the story, there is also an actual plot that kept me flipping from page to page. If you’re looking for a story where the guy is both alpha and moral, you’ll love Debt!

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