Easter Games Preschoolers Will Really Love

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These Easter games preschoolers will love will give your preschool child a fun non-candy option to receive in their basket and will help keep them entertained while you visit with friends and family. That quiet time is an added plus in my book.

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Easter Games Preschoolers Will Really Love

Easter Games Preschoolers Will Really Love

Kids are excited about Easter and being able to keep them entertained for a few minutes while you enjoy a cup of coffee or sneak a few chocolate eggs is a good thing. There are lots of fun Easter movies and Easter books they can enjoy, but a brand new game always seems to keep them interested longer. 

Egg and Spoon Race Game

This set includes 6 different vibrant colors of spoons and eggs. It’s made of durable wood so no worries if you drop it. This is a perfect gift for anyone for their birthdays, Easter, and much more. Simply place the spoon in your mouth and place the egg in the spoon and see how far you can walk or run. Buy it now.

Find and Match Easter eggs

This color and shape matching eggs promotes color and shape recognition learning, and helps them develop their creative thinking skills and hand dexterity. Buy now.

Easter Games Preschoolers Will Really Love


What are good Easter gifts?

Some people like to give a small gift to their child instead of a basket full of candy. If that’s the case, there are several cute gift ideas for children I’ve included. If your child is older, giving them their very own Bible is a wonderful idea.

Wooden Pull Bunny

Handcrafted wooden toys feel good to the hands and eyes of everybody. Developmental toy features include shape sorters, spinning dials and bead runs. Buy it now.

Bible Dominoes

This domino game helps children to learn about the Bible and Jesus while playing! It also encourages communication, sharing, counting, and matching skills. Buy it now.

Easter Games Preschoolers Will Really Love #Easter

Bible Matching Memory Game

This game includes figures from both the Old and New Testament–people like Abraham, Queen Esther, the apostle Paul and Jesus. Your kids will become familiar with Bible characters while increasing their memory skills. If you want religious options for Easter games preschoolers will enjoy this is a great one. Buy it now.

What are some fun Easter games?

If you’re looking for some fun Easter games preschoolers can play, why not play hide the Easter egg? We played this every year with the kids when they were little. We took plastic Easter eggs and filled them with little treats. Then, we hid them around the living room.

You could add animal crackers, jelly beans, or stickers. If the weather is nice and it’s warm enough, you can hide the Easter eggs outside. It’s generally too cold to do that here in Vermont.

What do you put in a toddler’s Easter basket?

With younger kids, you may not want to put as much candy in their basket as you would for an older child. Instead, why not add a bath toy, a box of animal crackers, a bottle of bubbles, some playdough, or a new ball. There are lots of fun non-candy Easter options. These Calico Critters toys are adorable. 

colorful Easter eggs in a rack

More Easter fun

Don’t forget to involve your child in coloring Easter eggs. Let them create their own designs and patterns rather than simply using the color-changing tablets. That’s one of my favorite Easter games preschoolers enjoy.

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