Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus

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Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus
Author: Nikalas Catlow and Tim Wesson
ISBN: 978-1472346544
Genre: Activity, Children’s
Release: March 14, 2014
Publisher: Parragon Inc.
8 Pages

About the book:

Stickers at the ready! The evil T-Rex is on the rampage and the Dino Supersaurs need to stop him in his tracks. This book opens out into 7 giant story scenes showing the streets, cityscape and skies of New Dino City. With over 50 reusable stickers to stick, lift and restick, children can read the story panels and create their own action-packed scenes. Comes with super-stretchy dinosaur character ready for combat!

Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus

Keeping kids busy in the summer can be a challenge.  All too often, what they want to do is plug into electronics or watch television. Many parents are looking for ways to keep them entertained that don’t involve being plugged in.  I have always been partial to activities that encourage creativity like Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus.

Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus

Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus is a sticker book with over 80 stickers and 7 giant scenes.  It also comes with its own stretchy dinosuar.  As your child reads through the book, they will fold out the pages and add the re-useable stickers where appropriate to complete the story.  The story is engaging and the drawings are bright and colorful.  The comic book style will definitely appeal to any dinosaur lover in your family. The book is appropriate for children ages 3 and over due to small parts (the stretchy dinosaur).

Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus

If you’re looking for a book to keep younger kids entertained in the car on a long ride, Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus is definitely the activity sticker book to get. It’s fun and engaging and there are no worries about a mess with markers in the car.  Whether your child is old enough to read the story or not, they will enjoy placing the stickers in the correct shapes and playing with the stretchy dinosaur. Their imaginations will take care of the rest.

Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus

16 thoughts on “Dino Supersaurus Stickersaurus

  1. Love stickers since no mess with glue or crayons and perfect for the car. Dino theme is always popular, even with girls too. The little stretchy dino is a cute addition too. These books are pretty affordable as well.

  2. This book is still very popular on Amazon. I went looking for Dino stickers today and saw some inexpensive ones at the dollar store, but no Dinosaurs. This book is pretty inexpensive though and a keeper.

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