Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror

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Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror
Author: Timothy Knapman & Tim Wesson
ISBN: 9781472364692
Genre: Fiction, Childrens
Release: December 31, 2014
Publisher: Parragon Books
32 Pages

In this captivating picture book with extraordinary illustrations, children will engage with the characters and love reading more than ever! Tyrant tyrannosaur T-Rex and his army of ninja Raptors are determined to take over the city one way or another. Only one thing can stop them The Supersaurs! When T-Rex kidnaps Doc, this team of crime fighting heroes need all their dinopowers to rescue himand save New Dino City! Let the unforgettable Supersaurus legend begin!!

Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror

65 million years ago, a meteorite hit the Earth and hit New Dino City, changing four young dinosaurs from regular dinosaurs to Supersauruses. Whenever they see people who need help, they help them and prevent crimes in their city.

Their friend, Doc is kidnapped by T-Rex and want a million Dino-dollars to release him. The Supersauruses want to rescue him but not pay the ransom. T-Rex plans on leading the Supersauruses into a trap and then taking over New Dino City. Can the Supersauruses stop him and rescue Doc?

The Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror is written in a comic book style format. The illustrations are bright and colorful and will appeal to any child who enjoys dinosaurs or super heroes. Unlike a comic book, the Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror book is a hard cover which means that it will last your child quite a while.

The front of the book has a holographic plate that changes appearance when your child tilts the book.  By tilting the book, they can watch the T-Rex tyrannosaur jump out from behind the buildings in Dino City.

Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror is definitely a fun dinosaur book that your child will love to read and read again.

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  1. Takes me back to the first Dino I knew from the Flintstones, in the 60s. Dinosaurs never seem to go out of style and this looks so fun. Still need to get those dinosaur stickers–Dino Stickersaurus. I’ll have to revisit that post.

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