10 Best Leprechaun Movies

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St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and for me, that means Leprechaun movies! Yes, I know that Leprechauns aren’t real but just imagine the fun of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow someday.  Of course, there are lots of different kinds of Leprechaun movies depending on what you’re looking for.  Some are suitable for the whole family and some are best just for the grown-ups. Check out these movies about Leprechauns.

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10 Best Leprechaun Movies

10 Best Leprechaun Movies

Whether you think that Leprechauns are happy little fellows who hide their gold at the end of rainbows or evil creatures who will stop at nothing to keep you from getting their gold, these Leprechaun movies will keep you entertained.

For the adults:

  • Leprechaun – When Dan O’Grady returns to the U.S. after stealing some Irish leprechaun’s pot of gold, he thinks he can settle down and enjoy his new found wealth. He thought wrong. The leprechaun followed him and O’Grady barely gets away with his life, having locked the little monster in his basement. Ten years later, J.D. and his spoiled daughter Tory move in. By accident, the leprechaun is released and almost immediately the annoying creature starts to look for his gold, not displaying any respect for human life. Buy it now.
  • Getting Lucky – Bill Higgins (Steven Cooke), a high school senior who longs to score a date with cheerleader Krissi (Lezlie Z. McCraw), discovers an alcoholic leprechaun in a beer bottle. The leprechaun, named Lepkey, must grant Bill three wishes before he’s allowed to return to Ireland. Bill’s wishes end up causing more trouble due to Lepkey’s alcoholism and diminished magical skills. Buy it now.
  • The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns – American businessman Jack Woods rents a cottage on the enchanted Emerald Isle which is occupied by a family of leprechauns. Leprechaun Seamus Muldoon’s son and son’s friends crash the fairies’ costume ball and Muldoon’s son falls in love with fairy Princess Jessica. Their love re-ignites a feud between the leprechauns and the fairies, which escalates into a war. The Grand Banshee warns of terrible consequences and Jack Woods is chosen to make peace. Woods interrupts his own romance with an Irish beauty to help, and becomes involved in a strange and wonderful magical adventure. Buy it now.
  • Unlucky Charms – Five beautiful girls vie for a chance to become the spokesmodel for diva DeeDee DeVille’s new high-end line of lingerie. The claws come out when the competition gets fierce, but when they begin to disappear one by one, they soon find that they are competing for their lives. DeeDee invokes four mythical beings – The Cyclops, The Banshee, The Hobgoblin and the mischievous, red leprechaun, Farr Darrig – from an ancient charm bracelet to steal the girls’ souls, but the creatures from the underworld have plans of their own. Whomever wields the power of these UNLUCKY CHARMS beware. They’re magically malicious! Buy it now.
  • The Leprechaun’s Revenge – Sixty-six years ago the town of Irish Channel in Louisiana was the site of a horrible massacre on St. Patrick’s Day. Some blame a terrible storm that blew through the town, but those that were there don’t speak of the truth. Due to petty superstitions, St. Patrick’s Day festivities were banned for the last 66 years, but now the new Mayor wants to tempt fate and celebrate. Buy it now.

For the whole family:

  • Darby O’Gill and the Little People – A wily old codger matches wits with the king of the leprechauns and helps play matchmaker for his daughter and the strapping lad who has replaced him as caretaker. Buy it now.
  • Behind the Waterfall – After Tommy’s fathers recent death in an airplane crash , he and his sister are sent to live in the small town of Erinville. Tommy and his cousin Alex spend the summer trying to prove the town story teller is a leprechaun.  Buy it now.
  • The Luck of the Irish – A teenager must battle for a gold charm to keep his family from being controlled by an evil leprechaun.
  • Finian’s Rainbow – A mysterious Irishman, Finian, and his beautiful daughter Sharon, arrive one day in Rainbow Valley, a small Southern town of tobacco sharecroppers in the mythical state of Missitucky. The town has its own resident dreamer, Woody Mahoney, who thinks that he might be able to put the town on the map by crossing mint with tobacco so that it’ll grow already mentholated. Finian’s come to the town because he’s stolen a leprechaun’s crock of gold and plans to plant it in the ground so it’ll grow faster (or else why would the Americans have rushed to dig the gold out of California only to plant it back in the ground at Fort Knox?). But trouble arrives in the form of Og the leprechaun, who has followed Finian to America and is bent on retrieving his gold. Buy it now.
  • Very Unlucky Leprechaun – Luck can change in the twinkle of an eye. Nine-year-old Molly and her father (Tim Matheson) move to a house they’ve inherited in Ireland nicknamed “Misfortune Manor.” It brings bad luck to anyone who lives in it, and Molly and her father soon fall victim to the curse; they will lose their new house unless they can pay the taxes owed on it. Then Molly discovers a leprechaun living on the grounds and befriends him. His luck has run out, too, because he hasn’t eaten a four-leaf clover in over a hundred years. The bad luck begins to rub off on Molly, getting her into all kinds of trouble. Finally, Molly turns things around by growing a four-leaf clover, and the leprechaun uses his magic to help her win the town’s annual go-cart race jackpot to save the day! Buy it now.

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  1. They have a few old ones they run on the retro TV stations but I enjoy them anytime, not just at St Patrick’s Day. Good excuse for a fun get together and now I have a list from which to choose!

  2. I used to love to watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People when I was younger! I had forgotten about it! Thanks for the reminder!

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