Disney Bambi – The Story of Bambi

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Walt Disney Bambi was probably my favorite movie when I was little. I loved any animal show ( I wanted to be a vet!), so whenever Bambi came on Disney, I watched it with my sisters and brother. We made a family night of it and made great memories.

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Disney Bambi - The Story of Bambi Disney Bambi – The Story of Bambi

Fall in love with Bambi, the young prince of the forest, as he learns valuable lessons about friendship, love, and the miracle of life. With beloved characters like Thumper the bunny, this deluxe storybook retelling of the classic animated film is a treasure to behold.

This classic story has been passed down from generation to generation. And, of course, I did as well! Disney’s Bambi- The story of Bambi book was a great addition to our book collection. Like in the movie, the story is about young Bambi and his adventures and learning lessons about friendship, love and the miracle of life.

Of course, there are his friends, Thumper the bunny, Owl, and Flower, among the many other forest animals there to help him along his learning journey. It really brought back old memories for me when I would get up early on Saturday morning to read my copy of Bambi and hope that it would be playing on the television even though I think it (Disney) was only on Sunday evenings.

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My review

Man, am I old??

The book is made very well. It has beautiful illustrations that make you feel like you are actually watching the movie. My daughter read it twice and asked to keep it (I was going to give to the grandchildren since I thought she might think it was too young for her). That made me happy because it will be something we both love and share together!

Bambi is a perfect book to add to your child’s classic storybook collection that they can pass along to their children.

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