Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle
Author: Asthildur Jonsdottir
ISBN: 978-1940787008
Genre: Fiction, Children’s
Release: April 22, 2014
Publisher: Edda USA
96 Pages

About the Book:

Go Green is a new brand of Disney books, encouraging families to lead a sustainable lifestyle. It is however not only a line of books but an opportunity for families to spend time together. It is an all around guide for families to take steps towards transforming their lives to live a healthier, greener, and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle

I simply love this book! I really didn’t know what to expect when I was asked to read it. I figured it would be a generic “save the world” by turning off lights and recycling, etc. Disney book for the kids with cute illustrations.

Guess what? It was not like that at all! It ended up being such an informative book that I keep it handy for the next step in living a “greener” life.

In Disney’s Mickey & Friends Collection, Go Green! A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle, Mickey, Minnie and other Disney characters take us on the journey of understanding the role our food plays in living a greener and healthier life. Putting it in Disney form keeps children interested and want to help along in changing our environment.

We were especially interested in starting a container garden to grow our own fruits & vegetables. Other tips include, how to reduce waste by reusing plastic bags and bottles among other things.

There are arts & crafts projects you can make using recyclables and another favorite of ours were the recipes for making your own healthy chips from carrots or kale.We were happy to find out that we were already helping by buying from our local farmers market.

I love how the book is laid out with Disney characters to keep young ones engaged, but so informative for us adults. This is something I can do with the grandchildren and my youngest as well.

Not only does this book teach you about healthly living by changing the way you physically live, but mentally as well. Mickey explains you should have a healthy outlook on life by building quality friendships, volunteer in your community and other activities. It basically tells you that our world needs mentally healthy just as much as environmentally.

A must read for all age levels! You will learn a lot about green living, recipes, craft projects, and tips for getting the most enjoyment out of time in nature that are fun for everyone at any age.

Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle

10 thoughts on “Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle

  1. I am so very happy that Disney has decided to get on the “green” band wagon. Their influence will definitely make a difference. It will help children to grow up to be “Green” adults!

  2. I read the reviews that said it’s at a higher reading level than usual so good that parents read along with the kids. Love the cover and big Mickey fan so glad he’s now green!

  3. What a great book! I love that Disney is getting involved in this great cause – because by doing so, they’re teaching kids as well. And teaching kids is so, so very important. I’m going to get this book!

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