Disney Teen Beach 2 from a Parent's View

Disney Teen Beach 2 from a Parent’s View

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Disney Teen Beach 2 from a Parent's ViewI’m a huge fan of 60s beach movies so it’s makes total sense that I’d want to watch the Disney Teen Beach 2 DVD I received for review.  I watched the first one when it first came out and enjoyed it so I was eager to see this one as well. You certainly don’t need to have seen the first one to enjoy the second but it does help you understand who the characters are.

Disney Teen Beach 2 from a Parent’s View

If you watched the first one, you’ll remember that Brady and Mack new each other before they went back to the movie, Wet Side Story. In Disney Teen Beach 2, it appears they changed the story line slightly because Brady and Mack did NOT know each other before they want back to the movie. So, ignore that for a moment.

Brady and Mack get sucked back in time to a 1960s beach movie called Wet Side Story where they meet. The characters in the movie are your typical 60s characters with conflict between the beach characters and the biker characters. Picture, bouffant hairstyles, leather jackets for the bikers and flouncy dresses for the girls. Brady and Mack unknowingly make changes to that 60s movies world by their presence and then return to their time in 2015.

Lela, the leading female star in Wet Side Story becomes dissatisfied with the way her life is limited in the 60s beach movie and decides to go find Mack and be just like her. She and leading male character Tanner manage to come to our time with with the help of a necklace (that is included with specially marked DVDs). They’re  in love with the variety and new experiences in Brady and Mack’s 2015 world and Lela decides to stay.

Now, Mack and Brady need to figure out a way to get Lela and Tanner back to the right time before it’s too late and the whole movie disappears which may result in them never having met each other.

So, from a parent’s view, what can I tell you about the movie? First, it’s a Disney movie and clearly targeted toward the pre-teen / early teen age group. I want to say ages about 9 to 14 would probably really enjoy it. It has your typical, white washed Disney view so the characters are all clean, fresh faced and happy. There are no worries about in appropriate topics or bad language. If you look a little bit deeper than the cute clothes and happy faces, the movie actually teaches a valuable lesson.

Mack and Brady have nothing in common besides meeting in the movie and loving surfing. Brady is your typical laid back surfer guy and Mack is an over achiever who belongs to every extra curricular activity and excels in school. Their friends are surprised they’ve chosen each other and each tries to change the other to be more like them. At the end of the movie, they realize that it’s OK to be different as long as you respect the other person and their interests.

All in all, Disney Teen Beach 2 is a fun family movie. My kids are long past the target age of the movie (17 & 22) so my husband and I enjoyed watching it ourselves. He’s not typically a fan of Disney movies but he laughed through most of the movie.  Definitely a must watch whether you have younger kids or not.

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  1. I love it when movies have a lesson, especially an important one such as respecting differences!

  2. This sounds like a good movie. Our neighborhood is having a Luau party this weekend, so this would be a fun movie to watch later that evening. We are all about a beach theme this weekend!

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