Hallmark Movies & Mysteries “Engaging Father Christmas” Premiering this Sunday, Nov 12th at 9pm/8c! #MostWonderful

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Who else is excited about the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movies? I am already humming Christmas songs in my mind! Marty and I are huge fans of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries because they’re programs that we both enjoy watching. We make it our weekly date night movie and have a great time trying to figure out who did it. This post has been sponsored.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries "Engaging Father Christmas" Premiering this Sunday, Nov 12th at 9pm/8c! #MostWonderful

Engaging Father Christmas

Engaging Father Christmas is the next Hallmark Movies & Mysteries show and it’s part of the Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas programming. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries “Engaging Father Christmas” is premiering this Sunday, Nov 12th at 9pm/8c!

I’ll be live tweeting from 9 PM to 11 PM EST during the show, so make sure that you follow the hashtag: #MostWonderful. Here’s a bit about the snow:

It’s Christmas and Miranda (Krakow) leaves Seattle with a suitcase full of presents to join her long- lost family in Carlton Heath, where she will experience the joyful traditions she missed as a child. Last Christmas, Miranda fell in love with Ian (Matter), a local man who helped her as she searched for her father, James Whitcomb, a famous theatre actor she believed had a connection to the town. At his widow Margaret’s (Malick) request, Miranda agrees to keep it a secret to protect the family from scandal. This Christmas, she fears the warm welcome she received from the Whitcomb family will soon turn cold when Miranda receives an anonymous text from someone who threatens to expose her identity.

I am so looking forward to watching this movie, and I hope that you’ll tune in to Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and tweet along with me using the hashtag #MostWonderful

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Comments 84

  • To me the holidays are for celerating the birth of our Savior!

  • To me, the holidays are a time to celebrate faith and family!

  • I’m excited because I love holiday movies, especially since most of the Hallmark ones have happy endings.

  • I LOVE Hallmark Movies and they have the best series!! The holidays are all about family and spending time together! I will definitely be looking for this movie!

  • I love Christmas, the music, the lights and of course the Christmas movies. I wait all year to watch Christmas movies and shows at least the ones I don’t already own.

  • holidays mean more family, more food and making more memories!! I cant wait to see this movi! Hallmark never fails with any holiday movie! they are all good!

  • It means cooler weather and more craft activities with the kids than usual.

  • The holidays mean family, friends, good food and the birth of Jesus! I’m excited because I love a good Christmas movie !

  • holidays mean spending time with my family

  • This sounds like a good mystery movie from Hallmark, and I love mysteries! For me, the holidays are about spending time with family.

  • I enjoy watching Hallmark movies during the holidays. They always make me feel good and help put me in the holiday spirit.

  • The holidays are all about family to me. I love how exciting and magical it is for my kids. This looks like a nice movie.

  • I love holidays for time with my family and making new memories. Love Hallmark movies too – they are always so well done and touching! Can’t wait to watch!

  • The holiday mean spending time with family. I love a good Christmas movie and I watch Hallmark movies and mysteries channel all the time.

  • The holidays mean I get to see most of my kids and grandkids all together at the same time at my house. I love Hallmark channel and watch all of the Christmas movies from November up until Christmas.

  • The holidays mean getting together with family. I’m excited to watch this because I love Hallmark movies.

  • The holidays are all about family for me. I enjoy Holiday movies of all kinds, so this movie sounds great to me.

  • Holidays mean spending time with family. My wife would enjoy watching this movie

  • The Holidays mean wonderful memories and people that have since passed. My Granny loved Christmas and I hold her closer to my thoughts this time of year.

  • Holiday Movies make me feel good and believe in miracles

  • Holidays are all about family and magic.

  • The holidays mean that I get to visit my family who live out-of-state. It’s a season of love and gratitude.

  • The holiday means magic for my daughter lots of memories! This movie looks so awesome!

  • I love the Christmas holidays and seeing the joy in my granddaughters’ eyes.

  • THe holidays are all about family. Being together, being happy, being thankful. I am excited to see the movie because the holidays are a wonderful, joyous family time which includes watching holiday movies together.

  • The holidays to me means getting time with family to celebrate

  • The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family.

  • I just added this hallmark channel to my tv package so now I can watch this! I love the holidays… it is such a magical and beautiful time of the year.

  • Christmas means to be the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It means giving of oneself. It means children’s laughter and see more people with joy in their hearts. A happy time, a time for coming together and making memories.

  • Christmas means family times, joyous times, and celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Everything about Christmas makes me so happy. Hallmark always has great Christmas movies, I can’t wait to see this one.

  • The holidays means family and creating memories. I love watching hallmark movies at Christmas time.

  • The holidays are a time to celebrate family and our faith. I’m looking forward to watching the movie.

  • Family friends lights music and am enjoying watching allthe hallmark Christmas movies

  • I love seeing how excited my kids get ,this movie looks like a nice heart moving movie

  • I love hallmark movies. Seeing my grandkids faces on Christmas is my favorite part of the holiday.

  • Christmas celebrated the birth of Jesus, the Light of the World.

  • celebrating the birth of our Savior is what Christmas is about. I’m excited to watch this movie because I would like to see something new for the holidays

  • The holidays are a time to celebrate and see family. The movie looks heart-warming.

  • Spending time as a family with our traditions like cutting our christmas tree down

  • The holidays means prime crafting time to me. I usually DIY at least half of the gifts we give. I like to do that while watching Christmas movies so this would be fun to see.

  • To me, holidays mean family time. Gathering in the family room, watching holiday movies & specials, with a fire in the fireplace and plenty of hot cocoa & popcorn! And lots of baking going on in the kitchen, too!

  • the holidays mean more family time and beautiful sounds and colors! I love hallmark Christmas movies all year long!

  • It’s about family & togetherness I love to cook h watch movies during this ti.e of year

  • holidays to me, means family time around the fireplace…i remember watching meaningful holiday movies with my mom…

  • The holidays mean getting together with my 2 boys and 7 grandchildren. I am excited to be watching all of the Christmas movies as being retired I love to watch movies.

  • The holidays to me means spending time with my family! I love cuddling up, drinking hot chocolate and watching Chrismtas movies!!

  • The holiday means to me is celebrating the birth of Jesus, Spending time with family, and being thankful for everything in my life!

    This movie looks heart-warming and wonderful!

    Thank you!

  • The holidays mean getting together with the family. And I cant wait to watch it because I love all Hallmark movies 🙂

  • I love the holidays. I watch at least one Hallmark movie a year!!! This Christmas is extra special since it will be my baby’s first Christmas!!!

  • Holidays to me are all about God , family and tradition. I cant wait!

  • My husband and I like to watch them together for family time.

  • I love the Holidays because the kids come home and I have my entire family together. I love that!! I love Christmas movies and Hallmark makes the BEST.

  • Excited to see this. I looove hallmark movies. Holidays traditions are about being with my family

  • The holidays mean spending time with family and friends. I am excited for the movie because I enjoy Hallmark movies.

  • The holidays mean alot to me cause i get to see family and friends I haven’t seen this movie so i would be excited to see it cause hallmark movies always rock

  • The holidays are a great time to visit with friends. We enjoy sharing the music and the lights with them, and of course, there is always wonderful food. We make an effort to keep it low key, and to remember what the holidays mean.

  • Christmas to me is spending time with my family. As we are all getting older I know things are changing. Hopefully we can have one more Christmas with us all together.

  • I love Christmas, and it is the best time to spend with family. I have family out there I haven’t found, so I now how she feels in the movie. I would love to watch this to see how everything turns out for her.

  • The holidays to me mean everything is cheery and bright. People are typically in a good mood and more friendly. My family all comes together and spends time together. I want to see this because I love holiday movies and it would be a great one for us to watch, especially with the suspense looming.

  • The holidays are a time to celebrate with family. I’m looking foward to seeing this because I love Hallmark movies.
    Thank you!

  • I like holiday movies because they get me in the spirit of Christmas.

  • To me the Holidays are about gathering with family and friends and celebrate the birth of Christ

  • I love that people are willing to give during the holidays.

  • The holidays to me mean spending time with my family celebrating the birth of Christ. I do love the Hallmark Christmas movies.

  • The Christmas holiday is special to my family as we celebrate the birth of Christ together. It is such a wonderful time of ear when everyone seems a little kinder!

  • I love shopping for the perfect gifts, sharing yummy treats, and spending time with family! I love watching Christmas movies while wrapping gifts!

  • The Holiday Season means everything to me! I am one of those people who starts decorating and watching movies as soon as Halloween is over! I love it and that is why I can’t wait to watch this movie! I never saw it and I love every Hallmark holiday film there is, so I am sure this one will be a hit with me!

  • I do not enjoy the holidays. I’ll probably skip watching this movie and await the return of regular Hallmark programming.

  • Holdays mean family! I love a good mystery and a good scandal so this movie is for me.

  • The holidays mean time with my family.. Time laughing and playing games and enjoying good foods. Time that I can never have again. So I will have my memories

  • The Holidays mean special times with the family! I think my kids would love the Leap movie! It looks so cute!

  • I love the holidays 🙂 I feel that people in general are kinder and seem happier.

  • The Holidays are a time for gathering and giving. We enjoy spending time with family and friends.

  • Holidays for me are all about family. I love watching Christmas movies.

  • The holidays mean celebrating the birth of Jesus, and spending time with family. I am excited about watching the wholesome holiday movies on Hallmark!

  • Holidays mean family time which I love! I am excited about this because I live Hallmark holiday movies.

  • The holidays mean spending time with my family and friends. I love to watch Hallmark holiday movies and look forward to seeing this one.

  • The Holidays to me mean spending time with family and eating lots of great food. I am so excited to watch this move because I love THE Hallmark channel around the holidays.

  • Holidays mean family and food to me! I love relaxing with my loved ones and eat yummy homemade food! My Mom and I love watching Christmas movies together so I’m really excited about this one!

  • The Holidays mean that my family all comes to visit and we eat and hang out…

  • I love the holidays because it is a big family get together time, and now we have a puppy to add to the celebration. And as for Hallmark movies, my Grandma is a big fan!!

  • Best part about watching the movie is getting to hang out on Skype with my Aussie pal Bec! Plus the movie is a collision of several favorite actors, and has all the best parts of Christmas: Friends, Family, and love!

  • The holidays have become more about spending precious time with my loved ones.

  • The holidays to me are a time to slow down and enjoy family time. Hot chocolate, christmas lights, christmas movies and music all day long!