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Orlando, FL. August
8th-9th at the

Buena Vista Palace

Friday, August 8th.

7:00-8:00 Registration

8:15-8:55 Keynote Address- HM

9:00-9:45 Session 1A (Got Flexibility?)
& 1B (Got Reach?)

10:00-10:45 Session 2A (Got Serials?)
& 2B (Got Gore?)

11:00-11:45 Session 3A (Got Character?)
& 3B (Got Grit?)

12:00-12:45 Session 4A (Got Diversity?)
& 4B (Got Game?)

12:45-2:15 Lunch Break

2:15-3:15 Session 5 (Got Mad Author

3:30-4:15 Session 6 (Got

4:15-5:00 Session 7 (Got Romance?)

5:00-5:25 Closing Credits 😉

Saturday, August

1:00-4:00 Free-Entry Book Signing

6:00-10:00 After-Party!!! (50’s style!)


2014 Panels

Orlando, FL. August 8th-9th at the

Buena Vista

Panel 1A- Got

(Tiffany King, Elise
Marion, Courtney Cole, Casse Narome)

Today’s successful authors know
that there isn’t a right or wrong way to publish, as a matter of fact some
of the best are going HYBRID! Find out what being a hybrid author means and
why it just … makes sense.

Panel 1B- Got Reach?

(Kobo Writing Life

Presentation by Kobo Writing Life,
one of Indie Bookfest’s 2014 sponsors.

Panel 2A- Got Serials?

(HM Ward, Rebecca
Ethington, Sarra Cannon, Rene Folsom)

It’s new. It’s wow. And how! Not
really … serials have been around about as far back as when authors had to
pen their work by candle light with paper and a quill. Find out about this
“new” wave of novella serials from some of the very authors who are writing
and publishing them.

Panel 2B- Got Gore?

(Alexia Purdy, Rick
Chiantaretto, Melanie Karsak, Adam Kunz)

Murder. Zombies. Mayhem. Find out
how to keep the tingle going up your reader’s spine. See how gore, guts,
& plot can work together to make an amazing story. A bone-chilling good

Panel 3A- Got

(Maria V. Snyder,
Claudia Gray, Raine Thomas, Adam Kunz)

If you ain’t got a character that
readers can feel deeply for, you ain’t got much! Why plot, without great
character development makes for a hollow story.

Panel 3B- Got Grit?
Not all those who arrive survive!

(Kristie Cook, Amy
Miles, K. S. Thomas, Carol Kunz)

So you wrote a novel? Cool! Now
the real work begins. Hope you’ve got what it takes. Editing, beta readers,
book covers, & swag. Oh MY! & let’s not even get started on the …

Panel 4A- Got Diversity?

(Inger Iverson, Casse
Narome, Kristina Circelli, Ceci Giltenan)

The world is a colorful place
filled with a huge variety of people, cultures, and diversity. So where is
all the variety in our books? Take an inside look on what some authors are
doing to portray heroes/heroines from different cultures and backgrounds.

Panel 4B- Got Game?

(Kristie Cook, Rick
Miles, Tawdra Kandle, Mandie Stevens)

Time to market your book. Oh, boy. Marketing is hard.
Marketing is a lot of work. But sometimes thinking outside of the box when
it comes to trying to get your book noticed is just what can make the

Panel 5- Got Mad
Author Love?

(All authors attending
Indie Bookfest!)

An interactive
round of “Author Speed Dating”. Meet each and every one of our authors in
this fun, fast-paced table-hop! (Some goodies may or may not be involved!)

Panel 6- Got Fantasy?

(Maria V. Snyder,
Claudia Gray, GP Ching, Chanda Hahn)

No matter what the current trends
are in books, we will never tire of our paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi
reads. Am I right? Learn what it takes to make a fantasy plot really work
and how these authors keep their writing fresh with new ideas.

Panel 7- Got Romance?

(Belinda Boring, Lacey
Weatherford, Sawyer Bennett, Brenda Rothert)

Everyone loves a little boom-chicka-wah-wah every now and
then. While some authors like to keep it sweet & light, some like to
make their pages steam as they type. What is your flavor of

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