Entertainment in Victorian Times – Wilson Castle

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Wondering about entertainment in Victorian times? Learn what adults and children did in Victorian times for fun and what I learned at Wilson Castle.

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Entertainment in Victorian times isn’t anything like entertainment today.  When I relax at home, I play video games on my computer, watch television or DVDs or read a book (generally on my iPhone).  Even the kids generally entertain themselves with technology at their ages (16 & 21).

I recently visited the Wilson Castle in Proctor, Vermont, and got a chance to learn a bit more about entertainment in Victorian Times.

Entertainment in Victorian Times - Wilson Castle

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Entertainment in Victorian Times 

How you entertained yourself depended on your social class.  The lower classes spent long hours working and taking care of their families and there was little time for entertainment at the end of the day.

Someone who was more well off, like those that lived in Wilson Castle, would not have worked or if they did would have worked far fewer hours than someone who farmed or had a factory job.

They would have also had servants to take care of the housework, cooking, children, and grounds maintenance.

Entertainment in Victorian Times - Wilson Castle Vermont

If you chose to go out for the evening, you may have gone to a party or to the theater. The Wilson Castle has a gorgeous Grand Reception Hall where they would have entertained guests.

The leaded glass window depicts armor and the room is complete with an Italian Fireplace. Men may have belonged to sporting clubs and women may have joined sewing circles.

What were Victorian hobbies?

Entertainment in Victorian times at home would have most definitely included reading and a number of what we consider classics today were written in that time period. Emily Dickinson is one of my favorites from that time period.

They may have also enjoyed making hair jewelry, having picnics in the cemetery, and scrapbooking with seaweed.

Entertainment in Victorian Times - Wilson Castle Vermont

What did Victorian children do to entertain themselves?

The children definitely wouldn’t have come along when the adults went out and would have stayed at home with a nanny instead. Entertainment was clearly defined by gender at that point in our history.

Girls would have played with china dolls, tea sets, and rocking horses.  Little boys would have played with trains, toy soldiers, and marbles.  

I saw no evidence of toys that would have been played with by boys at Wilson Castle so I am assuming that during the time period, the children were little girls.

an old fashioned straw stroller


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  1. I love visiting old homes and especially those with such interesting histories. I’m bookmarking Wilson Castle to check out more pictures. Thanks for the article!

  2. I love Victorian designs and clothes. I would do just fine in that era. I grew up in Amish country and sometimes miss that simple way of life. It’s awesome to look back at how we progressed and lived.

  3. Awe yes, simpler times indeed! It’s fascinating how different and yet how similar our lives are when compared to those from those who came before us. The Victorian era is particularly interesting and appealing to me.

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