Tolkien’s World A Fantasy Coloring Book

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My husband and daughter are huge Tolkien fans and love everything to do with Lord of the Rings. As soon as my daughter saw this fantasy coloring book, her eyes lit up and she couldn’t wait to color in it. She went to college for theater design so art is one of her passions, and she couldn’t wait to color in the pages in this book. Tolkien's World A Fantasy Coloring Book

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Tolkien’s World A Fantasy Coloring Book

This beautiful coloring book—suitable for Tolkien fans of all ages—presents over 90 pages of famous scenes from Middle-earth, from the Trees of the Valar to Mount Doom; and characters as beloved as Gandalf the wizard, or as feared as Smaug the dragon.

Line art illustrating the fantastical world of Middle-earth is ready to be colored.

The drawings in this coloring book are very intricate which is perfect for an adult or experienced artist. There are a variety of drawings that are inspired from the works of Tolkien.

Scenes include those from The Hobbit, The Silmarillian, and The Lord of the Rings. Although this coloring book isn’t endorsed by Tolkien, I feel that the drawings really do reflect the stories I read and the scenes as I imagined them in my mind.

My review

There are a variety of different scenes including landscapes, people and fantasy characters. I love that there are several scenes inspired by Rivendell which was always one of my favorite places to day dream about. There are also drawings of the winged beasts, Bilbo Baggins, Werewolves and so much more.

For anyone who loves Tolkien’s stories, The Lord of the Rings or even fantasy stories in general, Tolkien’s World A Fantasy Coloring Book is a beautiful way to be creative.

10 thoughts on “Tolkien’s World A Fantasy Coloring Book

  1. What a great coloring book! I love coloring even as an adult – it is very therapeutic! My son is a huge Lord of the Rings fan so he will love this !

  2. Oh wow this looks like a great coloring book. I Love coloring books, but must admit all of the ones I have found aren’t quite entertaining or interesting enough, this fantasy one will be awesome I bet!

  3. I love adult coloring books there is something so relaxing about coloring!! I think this is one that my husband would love to color in as well, he loves Lord of the Rings!

  4. I’ve got the Harry Potter and a few Alice in Wonderland coloring books but I didn’t know there was a Tolkien coloring book! From the cover, it looks gorgeous.

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