Kids’ Books to Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Check out these fun kids’ books to celebrate Thanksgiving. Find my favorite Thanksgiving children’s books for kids of all ages.
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My Fave Kids’ Books to Celebrate Thanksgiving

1. Who’s Coming for Dinner, Little Hoo?
Kids 4-6 will love having Thanksgiving dinner with Little Hoo and his friends!

p is for pilgrim

2. P is for Pilgrim
Perfect for kids 5-7, this book illustrates the story of the early settlers who founded America using all of the letters of the alphabet.

lets celebrate

3. Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving Day
For a more in-depth look at Thanksgiving, look no further. This book is suitable for kids 7-9 and tells the story of how the Wampanoag Native Americans and the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving. (Even comes with a handy pronunciation guide!)


4. Thanksgiving Crafts
If you’ve got kids who love crafting and making things, then this DIY book is perfect to help make your Thanksgiving table centerpiece! Great for kids 8-10.

madison finn

5. From the Files of Madison Finn: Thanks for Nothing
For kids 9-12, who want to read a good modern tale about the importance of Thanksgiving.

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