How to Find a Holiday Babysitter

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by ellen

Even if you have a regular babysitter, chances are that they’ll be in high demand around the holidays. Do you know how to find a holiday babysitter that you can rely on easily? Or, will you be stuck at the last minute looking for someone to watch the kids so you and your husband can attend your holiday parties? I’m sharing this information because I thought it might help a few of my readers.

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How to find a holiday babysitter

How to Find a Holiday Babysitter

Helpr is an on-demand app that offers hundreds of screened and trusted babysitters who are available with as little as three hours notice. Unlike other babysitting services, Helpr’s babysitters have in-person interviews with Helpr staff and are background checked, double referenced checked, and CPR certified. The app currently services Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara, with plans to expand to additional areas in the near future.

Highlights of Helpr

  • You’ll have a vetted babysitter to your door in as little as 3 hours (and up to 90 days in advance).
  • Helpr provides on-site babysitting for weddings, birthday parties, and other events so everyone can enjoy the day.
  • The app saves all of your favorite sitters in one place so you can easily book again.
  • Once your sitter is booked, you’ll receive a profile and video summarizing who they are and their childcare experience (you can even call your sitter beforehand to chat more).
  • Helpr offers employers a variety of childcare benefit programs for a more family-friendly work environment.
  • This includes sick day coverage, on-site daycare, school breaks, company conferences, and more.
  • All Helprs are CPR certified, have been interviewed in-person by Helpr staff, are background checked, are double referenced, and are even social media checked.
  • This eliminates the time and research of having to interview every new babysitter you may want to hire.
  • There are hundreds of sitters available through the app, with more coming onboard every day.
  • Helpr’s currently available in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara, CA with plans to expand soon.

Visit Helpr today and learn more about how to find a holiday babysitter.