Fun with Fidget Spinners by David King of Geek Bite

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If you love fidget spinners, you need to check out Fun With Fidget Spinners by David King! OK, I’ll admit that I have a fidget spinner tucked in my desk drawer. There are times my anxiety is getting to me and just a few minutes with a fidget spinner can help. It’s sort of like the relief people get from stress balls. It’s just something that helps you get your thoughts in order. Plus, it’s loads of fun for kids. Fun with Fidget Spinners by David King of Geek Bite

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Fun with Fidget Spinners

Become the ultimate spin master with this epic fidget spinner trick book. Work your way through 50 totally awesome tricks, ranging from beginner to advanced, plus cool games and challenges.

Inside, you’ll find loads of tips and tricks for increasing your spin speed and time, plus tons of ideas for customizing your spinners to make them totally unique. Track your progress in the workbook section at the back of the book so you know which tricks you’ve mastered and your best stats.

In no time, your tricks will go from super to extreme!

  • A guide to the most popular spinners.
  • More than 50 great tricks and games from beginner to advanced.
  • How to care for and customize your fidget spinners.
  • Workbook for tracking tricks and stats.

My thoughts:

Fun with Fidget Spinners is a great book for anyone who wants to learn to take their fidget spinning skill to the next level. I had no idea that there were so many different tricks and moves I could do with my fidget spinner.

There are a variety of different tricks from easy like the One Finger Balancing Act to difficult like the Itchy Nose Tower. I also learned all about the different types of fidget spinners and what the parts of a spinner are and what they do. This is definitely a great book for anyone who is obsessed with their fidget spinner.

Buy it today!

2 thoughts on “Fun with Fidget Spinners by David King of Geek Bite

  1. That’d be a cool book to have. I have a few spinners laying around the house for when I am anxious. I don’t think I would be able to do tricks with them though, hah. My cat even has one and he loves it.

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