Girl in Glass by Deanna Fei

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Girl in Glass by Deanna FeiGirl in Glass
Author: Deanna Fei
ISBN: 978-1620409916
Genre: Non-fiction, parenting
Release: July 14, 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
320 Pages

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Deanna Fei was just five-and-a-half months pregnant when she inexplicably went into labor. Minutes later, she met her tiny baby who clung to life support inside a glass box. Fei was forced to confront terrifying questions: How to be the mother of a child she could lose at any moment. Whether her daughter would survive another day–and whether she should. But as she watched her daughter fight for her life, Fei discovered the power of the mother-child bond at its most elemental.

A year after she brought her daughter home from the hospital, the CEO of AOL–her husband’s employer–blamed the beautiful, miraculously healthy little girl for a cut in employee benefits and attached a price tag to her life, using a phrase, “distressed babies,” that set off a national firestorm.

Girl in Glass is the riveting story of one child’s harrowing journey and a powerful distillation of parenthood. With incandescent prose and an unflinching eye, Fei explores the value of a human life: from the spreadsheets wielded by cost-cutting executives to the insidious notions of risk surrounding modern pregnancy; from the wondrous history of medical innovation in the care of premature infants to contemporary analyses of what their lives are worth; and finally, to the depths of her own struggle to make sense of her daughter’s arrival in the world. Above all, Girl in Glass is a luminous testament to how love takes hold when a birth defies our fundamental beliefs about how life is supposed to begin.

Girl in Glass by Deanna Fei

When I was contacted about this book, it touched me instantly.  I cannot imagine the pain and heartache that Deanna went through. Even worse, I cannot imagine how cold hearted that CEO could be to compare a life to a number on a balance sheet. I will be receiving a book to review for you in the future. Right now, three of my readers will have the chance to win this book.

For more information, visit the author’s site.

18 thoughts on “Girl in Glass by Deanna Fei

  1. I learned she has written two books an has two beautiful children. Isn’t it horrible that the CEO would have taken that approach? You can have a heart and a business person. Someone needs to tell him this.

  2. I learned that this book is based off of the author’s horrible real life experience which makes me want to read it more! Even though it’s not something I would normally read the story touches me as well and I would very much like to learn about what Fei went through.

    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  3. I learned that Deanna founded a site,, where people can share their own personal stories and help bring more compassion and justice to our healthcare system.

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