You Are the Greatest Discovery by Raashid Brown

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I think that many people struggle with what they’re meant to do in their life. We sort of stumble around trying to find our purpose and place in life, but we aren’t always happy where we end up. We don’t seem to be able to find our identity in today’s world.

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You Are the Greatest Discovery by Raashid K. Brown

There are so many things that, once discovered, changed the world for the better. Author Raashid Brown suggests that finding and living in your purpose is the greatest discovery!

This book was written to aid individuals who are existing, but not living in their purpose. The book further suggests you were created with intent in mind and once you start to live in that intention you will get the attention that comes with being effective and impactful!

Anyone struggling with embracing their identity, coping with being different or who knows they are chosen and called but don’t know what steps to take to fulfill the calling should listen to this book.

My thoughts:

During my life, I’ve tried to find my identity many times through my job or my interests or my friends but I’ve never really felt like I knew who I was. I think that is probably true for many people today which explains why there are so many self-help books. You Are the Greatest Discovery is different than many of the self-help books I’ve read before because it gives realistic and practical advice that actually makes sense in today’s world. It helped me see more clearly that the real way to find my purpose is by living the way that God intended me to live and by following His plan more closely.

If you’re trying to figure out where you fit in this world and what your purpose is, I think you’ll enjoy You Are the Greatest Discovery. I am so glad I’ve discovered audio books because it’s easy to listen to them throughout the day while I’m doing other things. The narrator does a great job in really making the author’s purpose clear, and I’d recommend you check out the book on Audible or, if you prefer, on Amazon.

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