Hey Baby from National Geographic Kids

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The Hey Baby book from National Geographic Kids is just perfect for the child on your gift list who loves baby animals! I’ll have to admit that even as an adult, I love looking at baby animals. Who can resist those cute little faces? 

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Hey Baby: A Collection of Pictures, Poems and Stories from Nature's Nursery

Hey Baby

Hey, Baby! introduces your kids to the cutest, cuddliest, and cleverest baby animals of land, air, and sea each with its own extraordinary life story. From the teensiest turtle hatchling to the biggest baby whales, readers will ooh and aah over all the sweet wee ones. Featuring stunning color photographs, fact-filled profiles, whimsical poems, and more, this book will be a favorite for young readers. While enjoying the lyrical beauty of Hey, Baby!, families will learn about earth’s different biomes and how animals adapt to each. They will also learn about the cultures around the world that gave rise to the varied animal folktales included in the book.

My thoughts:

Hey Baby! is a gorgeous hardcover book that would make a beautiful gift or a treat for yourself. Each animal section has gorgeous color photographs and loads of information for your child to read about each animal. They’ll learn about where they live, what kind of noises they make, what they eat and a little bit about the culture they live in. Plus, there is information about the folklore surrounding them. Have you ever heard the story about how the zebra got his stripes? You’ll be able to read that story and others along with poems about many of the animals in this book.

Of course, National Geographic and National Geographic Kids have so many wonderful books to choose from for the reader in your life. Younger children will enjoy the Let’s Play Collection for pre-readers that lets them learn all about their favorite animals while they learn to read. And, don’t forget mom and dad. We deserve a new book to read as well. I’m enjoying the 1,001 Ways to Slow Down: A Little Book of Everyday Calm by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I know I definitely need to slow down this time of year.

35 thoughts on “Hey Baby from National Geographic Kids

  1. My husband and I crazy LOVEEEE ALL animals very much. When we found out we were going to be grandparents just one of the things we talked about being excited about is sharing our passion for all animals with our grandchild.
    Our grandson will be 9 mos old on his 1st Christmas this year and Me, PopPop and his Mama all LOVE reading to him ever since he was a newborn.
    He already genuinely shares our love for animals. Just seeing our cat or cockatiel or a squirrel outside makes him squeal with joy and giggle.
    I believe this would be a treasured book for our whole family for years to come. Now more as a picture book and learning the names of the animals and then later as something even more educational.

  2. National Geographic Kids publications are as beautiful as they are informative. I would love to share their books with the kids I love.

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