Origami Paper Kits for Nature Lovers

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Do you love origami paper kits as much as I do? I swear I have little birds and animals all around the house. They are just so cute. And, origami is a lot of fun to do for both children and adults. 

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Origami paper kits for nature lovers

Origami Paper Kits

When I choose an origami book or supplies, I look for a kit that has both the book or instructions and the paper. It’s a lot easier to start knowing that you have everything you need to begin.

Origami Animals Super Paper Pack

Origami Animals Super Paper Pack includes everything origami lovers and paper crafters need to create their own paper menagerie! Tucked behind the cover is a fully illustrated, 32-page booklet with instructions for how to fold 10 bird and animal designs.

A dazzling assortment of origami papers, 6 inches (15.2 cm) square, are also included. Fold animals for display, giving, or just for fun. And, Origami Animals Super Paper Pack is great for family craft time too.

red origami dragon

Fold & Fly Butterflies, Birds and Other Animals That Fly

It’s easy to make charming origami animals that also fly with the Fold and Fly: Origami Butterflies, Birds, and Other Charming Animals that Fly kit. The kit includes an 80-page book and more than 140 sheets of paper.

More than half of the paper features preprinted designs and fold lines, so your butterflies, birds, and insects will be flying in no time.

My thoughts:

Origami is such a fun craft to do. I love that both of these kits include the directions and all of the paper you need. Everything fits together neatly, and there is a great selection to get started with.

These kits are perfect for beginners or someone who wants to learn more folds. The directions are very easy to follow, and I love the selection of papers.

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4 thoughts on “Origami Paper Kits for Nature Lovers

  1. Omigosh, our son would love this!! We’ve been doing some origami lately…he loves crafts. 😊
    This gives me a gift idea. 😉

  2. I would love to have both of these myself and i think my son would enjoy them too. I think it would be something we could do together.

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