Hidden Object Time Crimes Case Free for Android

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The kids are always looking for new games for their phones and Hidden Object Time Crimes Case sounds like just their kind of game. Right now you can get it FREE for your Android phone. If you’re a fan of hidden object mystery type games, you may be familiar with a few other games by the same developer, Tamalaki. They are the same name behind games like Hidden Object Mystery Society and Hidden Stories Collection. 

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Hidden Object Time Crimes Case Free for Android

Get Hidden Object Time Crimes Case Free for Android

Find hidden objects in TIME CRIMES, the all new time-traveling hidden object adventure game! AN UNKNOWN CRIMINAL has been altering the past from the shadows. However, you have come across an ancient time machine and uncovered his plot. Now it’s up to you and your crime-solving team of detectives to preserve history and solve this case! Prevent the theft of rare historical artifacts and stop the criminal in his tracks!

TRAVEL THROUGH TIME and explore the same crime scenes centuries apart. Watch history unfold before your eyes! Explore the secrets of an ancient library and witness the building of a mysterious Egyptian tomb. See the city transform across several eras.

JOIN AN ADVENTUROUS CREW as you travel throughout history and solve crimes. Use their unique skills to progress through an exciting, mystery-filled story. Find clues and hidden objects throughout your adventure in beautiful hand-drawn scenes. Crack the case and don’t let the criminals escape!

TIME CRIMES is an addictive mystery adventure game that will keep you coming back for more. If you like seek and find games, searching for clues, and solving puzzles then Time Crimes is for you!

SOLVE MYSTERIES in this free hidden object game.

  • BEAUTIFUL HAND-DRAWN characters and scenes that change every time you play!
  • AN ENGAGING STORYLINE awaits! Solve a mystery that elapses thousands of years and don’t let the criminals escape!
  • NEW EPISODES of content released regularly!
  • FIND THE DIFFERENCES, Mirror Mode, Night Mode, and more adventure-filled game modes await!
  • COLLECT RARE TREASURES in your time lab! Your laboratory grows as you meet new companions and travel to new lands.
  • MAKE FRIENDS and send gifts! Get daily rewards by also playing on facebook!
  • COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS for high scores on or off facebook!
  • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! Escape the internet and enjoy the game at any time!

4 thoughts on “Hidden Object Time Crimes Case Free for Android

  1. I wonder if the scenarios combine multiple times and destinations or if each one visits a different time and setting. Either way it sounds like a great twist on hidden object games. I’ll have to check out the free download!

  2. I remember the find a hidden object game in the old Highlights magazine and I always loved that. I’m sure this would be just as much fun and the time traveling aspect is a wonderful way to teach the kids

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