Angry Birds and Piggy Tales

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The first time I heard of Angry Birds was when my son started playing the video game. After talking to him, I learned that Angry Birds is a game where you launch angry birds into various structures and enemy pigs. 

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Angry Birds and Piggy Tales Giveaway

Angry Birds and Piggy Tales 

It seems simple enough, and I wasn’t sure it would hold his attention for very long. But, after trying the game myself, I learned that it’s utterly addictive. The game does require some amount of skill to knock down the structures. You need to launch the birds into the right area of the structure to knock it down properly and get points.

Like any other game, it’s hard to stop playing once you’re hooked, whether you’re a child or an adult. If your child loves this game, you’ll want to keep reading.

Just in time for Easter, return to the the video game universe with the release of more exciting animated adventures. ANGRY BIRDS TOONS: SEASON TWO – VOLUME TWO, ANGRY BIRDS STELLA: SEASON TWO and PIGGY TALES: SEASON TWO – PIGS AT WORK debut on DVD and Digital March 1 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Additionally, all collections include several bonus featurettes, including character reels and behind-the-scenes reels. PIGGY TALES: SEASON TWO – PIGS AT WORK includes two exclusive episodes, “Demohogs” and “Swine Symphony.”

Each collection also includes an exclusive redemption code for a Bonus Bird Pack for the Angry Birds 2 mobile game on Android devices. This is a $3.99 value. The Bonus Bird pack contains 60 gems, Red’s crown, and a special frame when you are connected to Facebook.

What’s on these DVDs?

Angry Birds Toons: Season Two – Volume Two: What do beards, boxing, saxophones, ice hockey, and nunchucks have in common? They can all be found in Angry Birds Toons: Season Two – Volume Two of course. You’ll also find the kind of comedy hijinks you’ve come to expect from our feathered flock of misfits! Angry Birds Toons: Season Two – Volume Two features the final 13 mini-episodes from the second season with a run time of approximately 36 minutes.

Angry Birds Stella: The Complete Second Season: The Golden Egg mystery continues in Season Two of Stella’s animated series. Stella and her feathered friends make an amazing discovery that rocks Golden Island to its molten core. They discover the location of the lost Golden Egg! It doesn’t take long for the flock to find out that the Golden Egg has some serious power. Anything that touches it turns to gold! With Golden Eggs comes great responsibility. Dahlia hatches a plan to snatch it – for scientific purposes, of course, only the egg has some fearsome looking guardians. Angry Birds Stella: Season Two features all 13 episodes from the second season with a run time of approximately 78 minutes.

Piggy Tales: The Complete Second Season: CAUTION: Pigs at work. Go on the job with the well-meaning but absent-minded working pigs of ANGRY BIRDS and find out how Pig City is constructed (and deconstructed) in this collection of hilarious animated shorts. Number of episodes: 26. Number of safety violations: too many to count. Piggy Tales: Pigs At Work features 26 episodes from the second season with a run time of approximately 30 minutes.

My thoughts on Angry Birds and Piggy Tails

The Angry Birds DVDs are equally as much fun as the games are and you definitely won’t want to miss watching them. Piggy Tales was new to me, and I’d never heard of it before, but it’s honestly adorable, and you’ll enjoy it just as much. Just a recommendation, make sure you watch the trailer – it’s a bonus feature. Too cute. These DVDs will make wondering Easter basket gifts!

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  1. My boys would love to have this prize pack, especially Angry Birds Toons: Season Two – Volume Two! They love Angry Birds!

  2. My kids and I LOVE to read but I think the Angry Birds Toons will really be read and reread!!

  3. I would love to win them all but I am most excited about the Angry Birds Toons, Season 2
    Thank You for the chance

  4. My son would love to watch them all but I think piggy tales would the first choice to watch…

  5. I am most excited about the Piggy Tales: The Complete Second Season DVD. It sounds like something I would watch by myself.

  6. I think they would be most excited to see Piggy tales. I’m sure we would be watching them all over and over again.

  7. My daughter would like Angry Birds Toons the most cause she’s always excited when they bring out a few new episodes on Netflix!

  8. Angry Bird Toons because my son loves the Angry Birds. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie with him when it’s released!

  9. My kids will enjoy all of them but will probably pick Angry Birds Toons as their favorite to watch first!

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