High Speed Adventures DVD

High Speed Adventures DVD

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High Speed Adventures DVDNothing got my son interested in a toy or program more than cars and trucks. If it had fast cars or big trucks in it, he was interested. I knew that car and truck themed programs and toys were a great way to get him more interested in learning. So when an educational car or truck item was available, we considered it.

High Speed Adventures DVD

Nickelodeon’s educational animated preschool show Blaze and the Monster Machines races back onto screens with Blaze and the Monster Machines: High-Speed Adventures. In this four-episode thrill ride, amazing monster truck Blaze and his driver, AJ, use scientific principles to tackle problems and help their monster machine friends out of some sticky situations. Plus, preschoolers can help win a sailboat race using the right parts and wind power, and team up with Pickle for Team Truck Challenge Day! Blaze and the Monster Machines is the only preschool show on TV to comprehensively cover all areas of STEM in every episode, and it’s currently the number-one preschool show in its time period.

Most children are naturally curious. Feeding into this curiosity with educational activities is a great way to encourage learning and creativity. Blaze and the Monster Machines: High-Speed Adventures helps your child to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities. The episodes included are:

  • Bouncy Tires – Blaze and AJ experiment to find something that is adhesive enough to help Zeg the dinosaur truck stop bouncing.
  • Stuntmania – Blaze and AJ need to find Darington after he gets sent far away by a jealous Crusher.
  • Epic Sail – After crashing on a tropical island, Blaze, and his crew need to find the missing pieces of their ship so they can sail home.
  • Team Truck Challenge – During Team Truck Challenge, all the trucks compete in teams of two. Crusher chooses a new partner instead of Pickle so Pickle teams with Blaze instead.

All the episodes on Blaze and the Monster Machines: High-Speed Adventures were cute, but I think that my favorite was Epic Sail. Blaze and AJ talk about how the sailboat move quickly using wind power. This episode is an easy tie into a discussion about renewable energy.

Blaze and the Monster Machines: High-Speed Adventures is also an excellent way to teach your child social skill modeling. AJ and Blaze were helpful and friendly while Crusher and Pickle cheated and were not real friends at all.

The result is a lesson in not only the right way to act but is also a lesson in boating and wind power.

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  1. This is something that my nephew would love to watch over and over. I love all of the colorful car characters- I bet they all have equally big personalities.

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