Horns and Heels by Nathaniel Wake

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Every now and then, I’m in the mood for a good, steamy romance. Since a giant snow storm hit last night, reading out the couch all day sounded like a good idea. I Horns and Heels by Nathaniel Wakehope you’ll be able to enjoy the same thing. 

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Horns and Heels by Nathaniel Wake

When the rugged temptations of a world yet unexplored find powerful CEO and tech mogul Karen, the winds of change moan with the promise of passion. Karen has always been the dominant force in her own life. Having climbed the corporate ladder, by way of stepping over some fairly powerful people and a long string of carbon-copy lovers, she has found herself a force to be reckoned within the tech community. It is only her disappointingly empty love life that has left Karen from committing 100% to her luxurious, blessed life.

In steps Trent Walker: rugged, handsome, dominating, and unlike any lover Karen has been with before. Forced into the submissive role for the first time in her life, Karen has found her new torrid affair with the cowboy to be an exhilaration she didn’t know she longed for. Now her entire life hangs in the balance as Karen unravels into the sensual pleasures of an unlikely coupling, as she and Trent fall ever deeper under one another’s spell. Don’t miss a single steamy moment and take a ride on the wild side with Horns & Heels.

My thoughts:

Karen is a successful woman who is tired of the same-old guys she meets. She’s searching for more than an amazing body and GQ style. One night, she decides to go to a rodeo that’s taking place in her area and meets Trent Walker, one of the bull riders. She finds herself immediately attracted to Trent and his rugged strength. Karen finds herself in the submissive role for the first time in her life and she likes it.

I had a great time reading Horns and Heels by Nathaniel Wake. If you enjoy a little bit of light, consensual BDSM, you’ll want to spend a few hours reading this one this weekend. Great story and I cannot wait to read more of his books!

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