Super 4 PLAYMOBIL Welcome to Kingsland DVD

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My kids spent hours playing with PLAYMOBIL toys when they were little. We loved all of the fun play sets that inspired them to use their imagination. I had no idea that there were PLAYMOBIL DVDs to go along with all of the fun toys, but there are. Super 4 PLAYMOBIL Welcome to Kingsland DVD

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Super 4 PLAYMOBIL Welcome to Kingsland

Inspired by the world of PLAYMOBIL toys, embark on a series of adventures with the Super 4. They travel through the wider PLAYMOBIL universe. Whether it be a sci-fi futuristic world, a magical fairy world, a world of pirates, or a world of medieval knights, the adventures are never ending with the Super 4!

Join Prince Alexander, Twinkle the fairy, Ruby the Pirate, and Gene the scientist as they embark on adventures near and far!

Welcome to Kingsland, a world of knights, dragons, quests, tournaments, castles, and wicked wizards. Kingsland is ruled by Alex’s father, the King. Prince Alexander is the heir to the throne. But, he has renounced the luxurious life of a prince and has decided to travel the world to fight injustice before becoming a king.

 Join Prince Alexander, or Alex as he’d prefer to be called, along with his Super 4 friends as they band together to fight villains. This includes dragons and the wicked Baron, who wants to become the King. Alex, Twinkle, Ruby, and Gene are read for action to save their worlds from chaos. They are even more – they are Super 4!

My thoughts:

Your kids will have a great time watching their favorite PLAYMOBIL toys come to life with this DVD especially if they have some of the PLAYMOBIL toys to play along with the story. This DVD contains 7 different stories – all in the castle/knight theme – for ninety minutes of entertainment:

  • Dragonriders
  • I’m the King
  • Princely Wedding
  • Tower Trouble
  • Convoy of Honor
  • Baby Dragon
  • Rage of Dragon

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