How to Share Encouragement with a Friend

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Learning how to share encouragement with a friend in a way that’s appreciated and sincere can be a challenge. You want to do something to brighten up their day during a difficult time, but what? You could send a card or make a phone call, and often that’s very much appreciated. But, there are times when you want another way to share encouragement. You want to do something to brighten their day and take their mind off a difficult time. loved+blessed® boxes are little boxes of hope and encouragement delivered monthly that will bring a smile to anyone who receives one. The product was provided for this post.How to share encouragement with a friend

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How to Share Encouragement with a Friend

Unlike many subscription boxes, loved+blessed® is about hope and encouragement, rather than products.  As a cause box, they measure the value of their boxes a little differently than many other companies.  Each month they send a box of encouragement with a different theme that they hope will brighten their month, help them get through the challenges of life and help them to pass encouragement along to someone else.   I love to get packages in the mail don’t you!?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to brighten someone’s day?

I received the Masterpiece Box to remind me that I am God’s masterpiece and was created to do great things. The items in the Masterpiece Box encourage me to appreciate the things that make me unique and different and use them to accomplish my goals. This box includes:

  • A mini poster for my home or office
  • A removable and repositionable reminder sticker for my mirror, window, laptop or tablet
  • A scripture card sized to fit my pocket for encouragement on the go
  • A removable keepsake theme card
  • A set of color pencils, a coloring page, and a picture frame so I can create my own masterpiece

How to share encouragement with a friend

I love the products and the thought to put into the loved+blessed® boxes. Some days are challenging and receiving a small, thoughtful gift in the mail on a day like that brings a smile to my face. The fact that this is a faith-based subscription service is an added plus for me and helps strengthen my relationship with God at the same time it encourages me to keep going.

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  1. Love these encouragement boxes and they seem more affordable than the product-centered ones I’ve seen. These truly are care packages and would be great for those going through a tough time.

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