Top 8 Easter Gifts for Toddlers

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Finding Easter gifts for toddlers can be a challenge. You want to be able to give them an Easter basket, but you don’t want to load it up with candy at that age.

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Top 8 Easter Gifts for Toddlers You Need to Buy


Top 8 Easter Gifts for Toddlers 

Most of the Easter toys in traditional stores really aren’t appropriate for toddlers and are often plastic, breakable and just not safe for tiny hands. I’ve put together a list of Easter gifts for toddlers that they’ll enjoy receiving and using long after Easter is over.

These gifts will keep their attention without loading them up on sugar or exposing them to small pieces and parts.  Take advantage of these special savings now and order today to receive before Easter. 

Top Easter Gifts for Toddlers

  • Jacob’s Ladder – This ancient folk toy consists of wooden blocks held together by ribbons that appear to cascade down the ribbons with the rotation of your wrist. Sign up for Marbles: The Brain Store newsletter and receive 10% off plus free standard shipping* BB-8 & Gift Cards excluded, one time only, use at checkout. Code F1G2JSZX
  • Wooden Puzzle – Unlike traditional puzzles, wooden puzzles last for years. This unique wooden puzzle with 8 two-sided symmetrical pieces offers numerous color combinations.
  • Edwin the Duck – Meet the smart learning toy for children! Free shipping on any order with code ShipEdwin.
  • Play Food – Children love to emulate what you do. Add this fun package of healthy play food to their Easter basket and start good eating habits early.
  • Children’s Apron – What a great way to interest your child in helping in the kitchen than by giving them their own apron?
  • A toy subscription – Concerned about accumulating more toys? Sign up for a toy subscription service and try a new toy each month. Just return it when done for the next toy. Save 20% off your first billing cycle if you join the Adventurer plan by 3/20/2016. Code: LUCK20
  • A book of Bible stories – You can read to them when they are toddlers and as they grow, they’ll learn to read to you.

What Easter gifts for toddlers will you be buying this year? Why not check out these Easter games preschoolers will enjoy.

Top 8 Easter Gifts for Toddlers You Need to Buy

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