How to Teach Your Child About Balance

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Do you know how to teach your child about balance? Math and science can be difficult concepts for many children to grasp. Check out these tips.

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How to Teach Your Child About Balance

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How to Teach Your Child About Balance 

They’re actually difficult concepts for me to grasp sometimes too. When you’re trying to introduce your child to new things, it’s often easiest to use visual examples like Blaze and the Monster Machines that they can relate to easily. Blaze and the Monster Machines is all about AJ (an 8-year-old) and Blaze (the top racer in Axle City) that go on fun adventures together.  

Many of the adventures they go on together use math and science to solve problems which makes this animated children’s television series ideal for parents who are trying to introduce their child to STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This engaging children’s television series can be found on Nickelodeon or Nick Jr and is intended for preschoolers. 

Blaze, AJ and Zeg race back onto the screen for more dino-mite, S.T.E.M adventures in Blaze and the Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar! available on DVD February 16, 2016. Blaze and his pals make their third DVD appearance in this exciting collection of episodes featuring new dinosaur and monster-truck friends and, of course, plenty of science and math knowledge!

Created by Nickelodeon and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Blaze and the Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar! races onto DVD on February 16, 2016, for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

How to teach your child about balance

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Blaze and the Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar! DVD includes:

  • Zeg and the Egg – Zeg is out smashing things with Blaze and AJ when he finds a tiny dinosaur egg. The three friends must embark on an epic journey across a prehistoric landscape to return the truckodactyl egg to its mother.
  • Dino Dash – Blaze and AJ are playing with their friend Zeg when he accidentally gets blasted by a geyser into a faraway mud pit. It’s up to Blaze and AJ to save Zeg using an engineering design inspired by their new dinosaur truck friends to rescue him before he sinks into the mud.
  • Gasquatch – When Blaze and AJ head off into the woods to find a missing ball, they discover and befriend a misunderstood monster truck named Gasquatch. Gasquatch and his new friends travel back to Axle City where he earns the love and respect of all the trucks in town by sneezing away a storm cloud.
  • Dragon Island Duel – It’s the day of the Dragon Island Duel, a one-on-one race between Blaze and Crusher across tropical Dragon Island. Crusher cheats and sends Blaze away before the race, leaving AJ to rescue his best friend and bring him back to the starting line.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE – Blaze of Glory Video Storybook

There are a variety of free Blaze games your child can play to reinforce the STEM concepts shown in Blaze and the Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar! You can also enjoy a few of these activities to teach your child about balance.

You may want to check out these Super Mario Balancing Games.


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  1. Science and math are so often not courses of study considered for young girls and there is so much opportunity in the fields. Getting all children interested at an early age is so important.

  2. I actually find that a visual aid when learning something new helps me the most. It’s too bad that they really don’t use more visual aids to teach kids in school these days because I think that would help them grasp the concept tremendously!

  3. I would like to win because I have three young boys who would enjoy and I’d love the fact that they were learning!

  4. My kids watch Blaze after school on the TV they’d love to have a DVD to watch ober & over again . Thats why I want to win

  5. I have a young nephew who loves anything to do with cars or trucks. Also I think this would be super for him to get more science and math knowledge.

  6. I’d love to win for my boys. They really like this show-and although they only have a limited amount of TV time a day, I’m always glad when it has something they can learn from on it!

  7. My son LOVES this show, and I like watching it with him. His eyes light up and we both have learned quite a bit about physics and trucks! Cute show!

  8. I would love to have this for my grandkids. I would love to watch it with them. They love things like this.

  9. i want to win because I have 2 crazy kids who really like Blaze and the Monster Machines! We watch everyday!

  10. I would like to win because I believe that my son, nephew, and niece would love to watch this movie together- family time is a big part of our family and a movie night would be perfect!!

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