Disney Pixar The Incredibles Save the Day Game

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Have you seen The Incredibles Save the Day Game? My husband and I love to play board games as an alternative to watching television every night. We have our favorite classic games. But, it’s nice to be able to play a few new games as well. Since we are both huge fans of The Incredibles, it was fun to see that there was a board game based on the movie.

The Incredibles Save the Day Game

Trouble is erupting across Metroville, but The Incredibles can save the day! Each player has a unique power, so strategize who will take on each challenge and work together to stop the crimes before it’s too late! As the alarm goes off across the city, tiles are flipped over on the game board, revealing new problems and even changing the game board baths. If you can defeat the villains and save the citizens before time runs out, you’ll be the heroes of the city.


  • Promotes cooperation and teamwork
  • Encourages problem-solving skills
  • Evergreen branding and signature design for broad and lasting appeal
  • Characters have their own die featuring unique powers

Product contents:

1 game board, 4 movers, 4 mover bases, 4 power dice, 1 movement die, 1 Jack-Jack die, 30 cards, 5 rubble markers, instructions

This game is intended for children ages 6 and up. The number of players is one to four. Time to play is 30 minutes.

My thoughts:

Save The Day Game is really a fun game for the entire family whether that includes kids or not. You can even play it by yourself if you’re just looking for a quick 30 minute way to de-stress during a challenging day. The fact that the game pieces can be flipped up during gameplay to create new challenges means that the game will be slightly different each time you play. At thirty minutes long, this game is a perfect choice for younger kids. But, since the game changes each time you play it, you could easily play several rounds with older kids if you like.

If you’re looking for a few new games to help with summertime boredom, you need to pick up a copy of this game today.