365 Days of Instant Pot Recipes by Emma Katie

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I got an Instant Pot about a year ago and I absolutely love it. I can use it to cook just about anything and it saves me so much time in the kitchen. If I could choose Instant Pot: 365 Days of Instant Pot Recipes by Emma Katieonly one small appliance for my kitchen, my Instant Pot would be it. 

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Instant Pot: 365 Days of Instant Pot Recipes by Emma Katie

Unlike other books, we will not give you hard to follow recipes, complicated meals, and meals containing weird ingredients. Instead, you can and will find easy to follow recipes, all divided into the categories and recipes that simply taste great.

With the recipes in this book you will be able to create simple week menus and because the Instant pot is so efficient you will have time to do other fun stuff…like hanging with family and friends.

Although the Instant pot is considered to be an expensive appliance it is the only expensive thing with it. The Instant pot will pay off because it will save your time, energy and you will be able to prepare amazing meals with cheaper ingredients.

Download this book and instantly receive:

  • Information and benefits of using Instant pot
  • Recipes that can be prepared in no time
  • Recipes that allows you to use the full potential of your Instant pot
  • Easy to follow and prepare recipes, suitable for those who never used the instant pot

365 Days of Instant Pot Recipes by Emma Katie

With this cookbook you will get 365 recipes divided into several categories:

  • Breakfast recipes
  • Soup and chowders
  • Main courses
  • Appetizers and side dishes
  • Yogurt recipes
  • Desserts

My thoughts:

I honestly had no idea that I could do so many different types of things with my Instant Pot. When I got my Instant Pot it only had a few recipes with it and I was frustrated with the lack of recipes my family would actually eat.

Now that I have this cookbook, I can make something every single day and still have enough recipes for a whole year. I love all of the soup recipes that the author included because they are filling and inexpensive to make. I’m really looking forward to trying the Southern Style Cabbage and the Pumpkin Spice Yogurt as well.

There are definitely a ton of amazing recipes in this cookbook with choices for every meal of the day. This is a great resource for anyone who uses an Instant Pot.

Buy it today!

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