Jeff Probst Stranded Series Review

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Are you familiar with Jeff Probst Stranded series? If the name Jeff Probst sounds familiar, it’s probably because you know him as the host of the series Survivor. Survivor is one of Marty and my favorite shows to watch. As much as I enjoy Survivor, I had no idea that Jeff Probst was also a New York Time Best Selling Author! Jeff Probst Stranded series is an Jeff Probst Stranded Series Reviewadventure series written for kids/young adults. There are currently six books in the series, and it has been featured on the Today Show, Rachel Ray, and Kelly and Michael. 

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Jeff Probst Stranded Series Review

Based on a blended family, much like Jeff Probst’s own, he wrote the Stranded series because of he and his wife’s “desire to share stories of blended families living out amazing adventures.” 

They encourage middle-grade readers to meet life’s challenges. These challenges may be becoming a member of a new family, advancing to a new grade, or learning a new sport – with courage, tenacity, and teamwork.

The series begins with Vanessa, Carter, Jane, and Buzz on a family boating vacation designed to let them all get to know each other. After a massive storm, the kids are alone on a deserted island with no adults in the middle of the South Pacific.  

Finally, they need to learn to rely on each other despite their differences to learn to survive and try to make it home alive. The first three stories in the original Stranded series focus on the kids learning to survive and work together on the deserted island.

You can get the book here.

Books in part one

So, the books included in the first portion of the series are:

  • Stranded (Book 1)
  • Trial by Fire (Book 2)
  • Survivors (Book 3)

The second portion of the Jeff Probst Stranded series takes place on Stranded Shadow Island. The kids and their parents are together on a honeymoon in this series. The storm separated the kids and their parents. The current carried the wooden boat away.

They end up on a deserted island that isn’t deserted. On this island, only the leaders are allowed to leave. The kids are not leaders. The kids need to overcome several obstacles if they are going to make it off the island.

Books included in part two

The books included in the second portion of the series are:

  • Shadow Island Forbidden Passage (Book 4)
  • Shadow Island The Sabotage (Book 5)
  • Shadow Island Desperate Measures (Book 6)

The children in the stories range from 9 to 13. I would say that’s the age that would most enjoy reading this series. Although, to be honest, I loved the books I received. I am long past that age. If you have a child that enjoys adventure stories – or anyone that enjoys the Survivor series on television, I’m sure they will love reading the Jeff Probst Stranded series.

Finally, I recommend that you get these books for the kids. They make a great summer reading challenge focus.

This has been out a few years, so you may not find it in brick-and-mortar stores. So, you can get the book here.

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  1. I learned that he is the creator of Survivor. I also like that the publisher has many more titles geared toward middle schoolers.

  2. I learned that Jeff is a writer. I did not know this about him! My husband and I will definitely be checking out his books. 🙂

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