Jeff Probst Challenge Yourself Review

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The Jeff Probst Challenge Yourself books were so much fun to read. Marty and I have always enjoyed learning new things. As a matter of fact, Marty knows more of what I call “information no one else knows” than anyone else I have ever met. He’s always sharing interesting facts like “The Nile River stretches more than 4,258 miles.” Who would have known? My son has always loved reading books that are full of facts and trivia Jeff Probst Challenge Yourselfas well. He loved learning about animals and interesting places in the world. If you have someone in your home like that, you’ll want to keep reading and learn about a young adult book series that I was sent for review. 

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Jeff Probst Challenge Yourself Review

So, the Jeff Probst Challenge Yourself series is a nonfiction science/nature-based series for kids. It focuses on the extraordinary wonders of our world. And, it is written by New York Times bestselling author and the Emmy-winning host of Survivor Jeff Probst. Each book in the series contains weird trivia and unbelievable facts to test your knowledge about the topic.

Books in this series

There are four books in this series:

  • Remarkable Plants – Challenge yourself to discover the world’s most extreme plants! From the biggest trees to the deadliest fungus and everything in between.
  • Extreme Weather – This series is perfect for every kid looking to know the coolest, weirdest facts and trivia around! Challenge yourself to discover the world’s most extreme weather–from hurricanes and tornadoes to blizzards, avalanches, and snow storms and much, much more!
  • Outrageous Animals – Challenge yourself to discover the world’s most amazing creatures! From black widow spiders to hammerhead sharks and everything in between, find out all the fascinating facts about animals that roam the land and sea.
  • Amazing Places – From the driest desert to the deepest ocean trench and everything in between, find out all the fascinating facts about the land, sea, and air.

The Challenge Yourself series is intended for children ages eight to twelve years old. The photography in these books is absolutely stunning. The colors are vibrant and so realistic. It really looks like you are looking at the real thing. Each page or page spread has a full-color photography with a fact bubble that tells you more information or a fun fact about the topic.

Finally, if you have children who love learning and trivia, they’ll love this series.

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  1. I learned that Jeff Probst is the multi-Emmy Award-winning host and executive producer of Survivor.

  2. I learned Jeff’s co-author, Chris Tebbetts, is from my home state Ohio, and that Jeff lives here in in L.A.

  3. I learned Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts have another book series called “Stranded”.

  4. Love his shows and the books sound awesome. I learned that Jeff is from Wichita, Kansas.

  5. Being an Emmy-Award winning host of Survivor that is super cool and he is so talented.

  6. I learned that he has six other books that are similar in this series. I love that they also have so many titles geared toward middle schoolers.

  7. I learned that Jeff Probst a native of Wichita, Kansas and is married and lives in LA with his wife and two children.

  8. Eeek!! I love Jeff Probst. Would love this for my grandchildren! I learned that Jeff Probst is from Wichita, Kansas.

  9. I learned that Stranded is about a family vacation that becomes a game of survival! Plus the books were shown on The Today Show, Rachael Ray, and Kelly and Michael.

  10. From Penguin Random House, I learned they have several childrens series books my daughter would like. She would like The Haunted Library. I see they also have the Game of Thrones books. I’d love to read those since I’m a big fan of the show.

  11. I learned that he is the guy that hosts surviver! never knew it was the same guy.

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