Jeremy Camp The Answer CD

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Have you had a chance to listen to the Jeremy Camp The Answer CD? I love contemporary Christian music and am always interested in finding new artists to listen to. I wasn’t familiar with Jeremy Camp but after listening to his music, I’m so glad I’ve discovered him.Jeremy Camp The Answer CD Now Available 

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Jeremy Camp The Answer CD

One of the leading artists on the contemporary Christian scene, Jeremy Camp has gained a sizable fan following for his passionate, well-crafted rock songs and heartfelt testimonies of faith in spite of life’s obstacles.

Camp was born on January 12, 1978, in Lafayette, Indiana, where his father was the pastor of the town’s Harvest Chapel church and taught his son to play guitar. After completing high school, Camp attended bible college in Southern California and developed a keen interest in music, influenced by the likes of U2, Delirious?, and Jars of Clay. W

hen one of the worship leaders at the school heard Camp playing with some friends at his dormitory, he urged him to become involved with their music ministry program, and soon he was performing at Christian music events all over California, recording a self-released disc called Burden Me in 2000.

This CD contains the following songs:

  • Word of Life
  • My Defender
  • The Answer
  • Storm
  • My Father’s Arms
  • Never Stopped Loving
  • Tell the Whole World
  • Heaven’s Shore
  • Carriers
  • Love So Great
  • Awake O Sleeper

My thoughts:

This new CD is being released today (October 6th) and fans of Christian music will probably recognize the song Word of Life from the radio. While I love a wide range of Christian music, Jeremy Camp’s music is the type that will appeal to everyone – not just lovers of Christian music.

My husband doesn’t typically listen to Christian music but he walked in while I was listening to the CD and he commented that he really liked the music. It’s uplifting, has a great beat, and delivers a message we all need to hear. Buy it today.

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